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Royal Hearts 2

12 May 2014

Royal Hearts 2 game review

This game is fun. Royal Hearts 2, by Jovasoft Casino, is a nifty app that is one of your better ‘while-away-the-time-while-I-am-waiting’ in the grocery or DMV check-out line.

Playing this game is a great way to relax when sitting at your desk decompressing between assignments while your desktop or laptop is idling.

The game is a five reel video slot machine that would be called, in casino parlance, a ‘win machine’. A win machine is one that pays out, RTD or Return to Player, at a significantly higher rate than most of the slot machines in any solvent casino.

Royal Hearts 2::By JovaSoft Royal Hearts 2::By JovaSoft Royal Hearts 2::By JovaSoft Royal Hearts 2::By JovaSoft

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The ‘Taste’, frequent payouts to keep interest, is strong in Royal Hearts 2.
There is no skill needed that I can discern in order to win, win a lot. It is a perfect pastime, with many bells and whistles, but cool. I love it!

The mechanics of Royal Hearts 2 are as follows. The anchor reel is on the left.* As you make matches, you get payouts as delineated in the ‘Paytable’. If you get a ‘Bonus Chest’ in the first reel or more, you get a chance to choose from a grid of nine chests that payout in multiples of $100. There is a 1 in 3 chance of winning a bonus if you have only one reel with a chest. The odds get better the more chests you have managed to line up.

In this wonderfully simple game, there are five ‘Paylines’, three are horizontal, one is a valley, the last a peak. You have the option of playing any number of them from one to five. The graphics are pleasing and not too busy that I find refreshing. The sound effects are myriad and entertaining; but, no matter how much I win, I can only hear the sound of one coin dropping into the hamper.

There is the expected ‘Boinnnnng’ when you miss a bonus, the clicking of the reels spinning, and the sharp snap of the reels locking into place—there are some harp strums to accompany your making a winning combination. The app is only missing the ‘Rollup’ sound effect heard on so many video slots (are there any other kinds these days?) as your winnings are added up.

While writing this, I have tallied up $10,578 USD; or, since there are no monetary symbols, I suppose my winnings could be in PHP’s or Euros. It doesn’t matter; which leads to my biggest complaint about this app: is there is no real money payout!
One way to play this game with others in line is to challenge each other to see who can get the lowest score on the same number of pulls. Configure it how you will. That can be a challenge.
I would rate the playability of Royal Hearts 2 with 4.5 stars on a five star scale. Like I said, it is very fun.

*To those that do not know slots, it is not just a matter of matching symbols, the match must start at the anchor reel, e.g. if you have three Shamrocks in a line—which pays $10 on a $1 bet—but if the symbols are on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels, there is no payout. The symbols must start on the first reel in order to win. 

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