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Run Like Hell

03 Apr 2014

Run Like Hell game review

In this endless running game you’re an explorer who, rather foolishly, has stolen some priceless artifacts from a tribe of hungry cannibals, and you need to get off their island pronto.

If they catch you, they won’t give you a slap on the wrist, they’ll slap you onto their grill! You start off running, and you have to leap over natural and man-made obstacles to escape.

You’ll face bees, bamboo cages, pits, rocks and ledges on this island and it’ll seem like the very landscape is out to get you. Every time you fall or trip over, the cannibals get closer, and once they’ve got too close....you’re dinner.

Run Like Hell::by Mass Creation Run Like Hell::by Mass Creation Run Like Hell::by Mass Creation Run Like Hell::by Mass Creation Run Like Hell::by Mass Creation

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It’s not hopeless, though, as Run Like Hell gives you various power-ups and collectibles that will give you an advantage. You collect adrenaline power ups as you run along, and you can use these to give yourself bursts of speed to outrun your hunters. There are also lightning bolts at your command that will set the cannibals back by a few seconds. Once you’ve got the hang of the game, you can use adrenaline alongside strategic jumps to launch your way out of trouble and outfox the man-eaters. It’s really satisfying to be able to combine strategy with knee-jerk reflexes to such great effect.

There are three modes in Run Like Hell, Endless, Time Trial and Story. In Story, your errant explorer is trapped on the island and must escape from the tribe by overcoming many obstacles over six levels. Endless mode is pure survival, similar to the unwinnable, high score-chasing game play of the popular Robot Unicorn Attack.

When the cannibals are too close for comfort, their spears are everywhere and whistle past you. The in-level graphics in this game are pretty much the same throughout each level, although the foreground images (the height and placement of rocks, the location of coins) change each time you level up, and background and foreground blend well together.

To distinguish itself from the competition, Run Like Hell has a Parkour-like system for the mechanics of its run and jump antics. This means your explorer can react to and interact with his island environment in a highly realistic manner. He trips up over small rocks, slows down to climb over bigger ones and so on. Learning how to use good timing with your jumping and sliding controls allows you to outstrip the hungry warriors, while the various power-ups give you further advantages or get you out of tight spots.

Run Like Hell is a free game, but there are two game modes that remain locked until you earn enough achievements to free them up and enjoy them. To counteract the grisly theme – a man running for his life – the game features beautiful backgrounds and graphics, as well as fluid, classy animation.

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