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Scramble Touch

13 Oct 2013

Scramble Touch game review

Scramble Touch is a challenging word game.

The object of this game is to create as many words as you can in a given time period. This game is slightly similar to words with friends, because you play online with other people. Scramble Touch is different though because the object is to create words using the sixteen letters you are given.

It can get challenging to play this game at times because to make a word, the letters have to be next to each other.

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Scramble Touch screenshots

They can be side by side or diagonal from each other, but if they are not next to each other then you cannot use the letter in the word you are creating. Each online game has three rounds. Players take turns completing the timed rounds, and at the end the player with the most combined points wins.

The game is scored like Scrabble, where each letter in the word counts for a certain number of points and the total points for each word are counted. Some rounds feature bonuses like double or triple points for the letters which means using the bonus letters in words can really help your score.

At the end of each round underneath the scores there is a list of all the words that were possible using the letters that the player had during the game. This is a nice feature because it gives the player ideas for future games.

A lot of the words used are words that a lot of people probably have not ever heard of, so the game also provides a definition for each word. That is definitely a great feature because it allows people to learn new words, and also helps them in future games.

In this game, players can earn experience points and level up. To ensure fairness in the game, both players have the same exact grid of letters. At the end of each round when the game shows what words were possible it also shows which players got that word in the game.

One thing that is good about this game is that the rounds are short. This is nice because it means that you can play this game whenever you have a few free minutes and you do not have to sit for long periods trying to finish.

Players can start multiple games with different players, so if one player is taking too long to play their round you can just start a new game. Once the other player completes their turn you get a notification and can start your next turn.

Players should have at least a decent knowledge of spelling to be good at this game, but you don't have to be a spelling be champion to be good. Having a large vocabulary can definitely come in handy too by allowing you to create words that the other player might not know.

This game is a good game for people of all ages because it is simple to play. All you have to do is start a game and then click on the letters in the right order. Everyone can enjoy this fun way to learn new words while getting to play a game and compete at the same time.

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