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Seizure Maze

18 Jun 2013

Seizure Maze game review

Seizure Maze is an adrenaline-packed maze game with an interesting twist.

The goal of the game is simple: You have to reach the exit by finding the right pathways in the maze. To move Blob (the square icon) around, you just have to tilt your phone upwards, downwards, left or right until you find the right direction. Of course it isn’t that easy to finish the maze.

There are various modes and difficulty levels that can surely capture your attention as you fumble your way through the dead ends.

Seizure Maze::By DevilThomas Productions Seizure Maze::By DevilThomas Productions Seizure Maze::By DevilThomas Productions

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Aside from having to get out of the maze, you also have to find and collect the “devils” along the way. These are tiny devil icons that are scattered throughout the maze. The game derives its name from the seizure-filled action that it offers players during the heart-pumping Seizure Mode.

If you want a uniquely challenging game, you should certainly check out Seizure Maze. Seizure Maze has 36 levels that get increasingly tougher as the level gets higher. There are two major game types: the Normal Mode and the Seizure Mode.

In the normal game, you have to make your way towards the exit as a timer ticks in the background. The timer helps you know how long it takes you to solve the puzzling maze. The faster you finish the maze, the better.

And if you think a normal maze is too easy, you can try the Darkness Mode and Hard Mode for an extra challenging game. In the Darkness Mode, the screen suddenly gets pitch black dark every once in a while.

And in the Hard Mode, you’ll find tiny devilish icons everywhere in the maze. In the Seizure Mode, the light constantly blinks as you go through the maze. This makes the game a lot more exciting as it becomes harder to find the right path.

It gets more confusing yet exciting as you reach higher levels. If you’re playing with friends, it’s easy to find out who’s the fastest with the level timer recording your speed as you play. At the very first level of the game, it’s easy to maneuver Blob around to reach the exit.

It takes only a couple of minutes in the first few levels. However, as you get into a higher level, the mazes become more complex and confusing. Seizure Maze is a wonderful game that puts your attentiveness and agility to a test.

The game has a simple interface and vibrant graphics. Upon opening the app, you’ll find two game modes (Normal Mode and Seizure Mode). Whichever mode you pick, there are easy, medium and hard levels available.

Each of the easy, medium and hard levels comprise 12 increasingly challenging levels. Seizure Maze is an enjoyable and entertaining game that’s quirky in an interesting way. This unique tilt-controlled game can surely keep your hands and eyes occupied on your free time.

It’s also a fun activity when played with friends. If you love mazes, Seizure Maze is definitely worth a try.

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