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Shake Islands Adventure

05 Mar 2014

Shake Islands Adventure game review

Shake Islands is an exciting arcade simulator that entails strategic elements.

In this game, you’re going to travel through a magical archipelago using a ship. You’ll get awards and collections once you successfully construct a ship which you can use to travel to the next island. There are six resources necessary to build an ocean vessel.

These resources include wooden and metal blocks, glasses, ropes and other essential materials. There are various methods available to gather resources.

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You can exchange them for collections, dig out in the golden sandy beach, or buy from a pirate. The islands have native aborigines who will also provide you with resources in the bar. You’ll find plenty of fun and engaging activities within the game such as pouring out juices and adding fruits according to recipes, and collecting items.

This game will surely entertain you and keep you occupied with its vibrant graphics and enjoyable quests. Wondering how it feels like to be a bartender? This game lets you pour out drinks and mix fruits.

It’s an amazing arcade simulator that lets you traverse through magical islands. The better you perform in pouring drinks, the more coins and resources you’ll get from the aborigines. You’ll have to pour and blend the right amount of fruits to form delicious cocktails for the bar’s guests.

Once you complete the necessary materials, you can then customize your ship so you can travel to the next island. The game offers three different islands so you’ll have to build three ships all in all. There’s a zen garden where you can grow different types of fruits to offer to the natives in exchange for special items.

There’s also a shop where you can buy a selection of beach items such as swim masks, flippers, swimsuits, glasses and many more. Each time you play the game, you’ll receive a daily bonus of varying amounts.

To track your progress and view your achievements, tap on the trophy icon. The cactus icons lead you to a Zen garden where you can grow up to six plants. The ball icon shows you an assortment of items that you can buy to build your ship.

And the last option is buying materials from a pirate by tapping the pirate icon. Shake Islands displays attractive graphics and animations. The game has a lively, summer feel with its beach-themed graphics.

The interface is user friendly and easy to grasp. Upon opening the game, you’ll find a large, scintillating orange play button in the middle and beside it are the settings, tutorial and share icons. It’s easy to move from one island to another by simply swiping the screen.

As you play the game, there’s an original, upbeat music playing in the background. Shake Islands is definitely packed with interesting beach activities all for the purpose of building and customizing your very own ship.

If you like the idea of building things through various amusing methods, then Shake Islands is a great game to download for your mobile device.

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