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Shark Dash

31 Jan 2014

Shark Dash game review

Shark Dash consists of everything typical of the traditional romance story. The main character featured within the game is a play shark who is sharing a lovely swim with his sweetheart.

Unbeknown to these two love birds, some terrible rubber ducks are plotting to ruin their romance. They dive into the tub and capture the hero whilst the other ducks kidnap his girlfriend leaving him absolutely devastated.

His main goal then becomes vengeance! He leaves full of energy on the mission to find and rescue his girlfriend. He faces many challenges and puzzles along the way before he can achieve this.

The game has many exclusive features to the content which certainly make it stand out from other games.

Shark Dash::by Gameloft Shark Dash::by Gameloft Shark Dash::by Gameloft Shark Dash::by Gameloft Shark Dash::by Gameloft

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As the creatures contained within the game are just toys, they dynamics to them are slightly different than real animals. For example, the sharks and ducks all float on top of the water unless they someone get caught inside a bubble. To travel quite a long way and at speed, the best way to do this would be to fire the shark across the water whist taking great care that they do not come out of the water and over the side. If you decide to make the shark go under the water then this will slow you down and your direction will need to be more precise. The manoeuvres may appear tricky initially but you soon pick things up and get much enjoyment from this game as well as bringing back childhood memories of playing in the bath.

The game is of the same genre of games such as Angry Birds except it takes place in water. In addition to the game play taking place in water there are also two other slight differences. One is that when you fire the shark, he will stay where he lands for the next go to be taken. Secondly, the goals which the shark must fire at are not situation in one place alone. They surround the shark! These wide variety of targets does make the game play seem quite large however it can make it slightly tricky. There is only a single resolution and this is further restricted by a time limit. Some of the stages simply seem like test and you have to initiate the action and then just watch as events take place which are now out of your control. Whilst the game does feel a little restricted at times with regards to the effect you have and what you can do, the visuals however are quite absorbing.

In addition to this list of challenges, the game also boasts some further challenges! The player must accumulate coins, collecting every single one on their way and also, they must perform a certain amount of manoeuvres in order to succeed. Striking a target so many times is optional but I would recommend it as it is one of the games most exciting features.

By succeeding players will be given the chance to open new stages. Plus, the more coins which are accumulated then the more characters you can pick from the in store featured within the game. This additional feature certainly prolongs the length of the game and enhances it.

Essentially this game is charismatic and entertaining. It can take quite a while to complete the main part of the game, but the mixture of water and air features are very good. Upon completion however, the game does not offer many reasons to come back for another play.

The surroundings and characters within the game a crafted amazingly with vibrant bold illustrations and a quirky feature to each of their personalities. The commands are good and easy to use. Whilst there does seem to be quite a lot of puzzle games on the market at the minute, this game has enough contained within it in the form of challenges to make it stand out from the rest.

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