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SlotTales Devils Triangle

25 Feb 2014

SlotTales Devils Triangle game review

Slot Tales Devils Triangle is one of its kind casino cum cards games which I came across in recent days. The objective of the game is to solve the mysteries which are hidden in the world of Devils Triangle.

There are lots of myths that have been gossiped around since a long time and you need to check their authenticity.

Apart from trying to solve those mysteries and find some really needed answers, you would be exploring the wrecks and can save the lost restless souls.

SlotTales Devils Triangle::By Playpublic SlotTales Devils Triangle::By Playpublic SlotTales Devils Triangle::By Playpublic SlotTales Devils Triangle::By Playpublic SlotTales Devils Triangle::By Playpublic

SlotTales Devils Triangle screenshots











But how are you supposed to do that? How do you play in the game?
As depicted by the name of the game, Slot Tales Devils Triangle provides you an enormous amount of gambling fun through a nice combination of slot slot. The people like me who have already played such games would love to hear that there’s another good one in the market. Yes, this is really a good one.

Keeping apart the features, I really liked the concept of the game. Though it’s a card cum casino game, but still there are lots of fresh things in the story line which you would love to enjoy. Moreover the game is by Play Public which makes the game more lovable and trustworthy.

Even if you are a beginner in gambling games, you don’t need to worry at all. The game would be a total fun for you too. You can easily understand what the game is about and what you’re supposed to do in the game very easily and quickly. The mathematics in the game is seriously a bonus and amazing work of art which makes this game very unique.

Apart from those snapshots which every gamer would love and which would make anyone click on the install button, the game has 50 levels power packed with fun. I didn’t expect that each of the levels would be so different and so enjoyable but I was definitely wrong. I haven’t completed all the levels, but the ones which I have completed were awesome.

There are 3 x3 reels, 5 x3 reels and 4 x3 reels. You would be competing to make the global high score, which boosts up the enthusiasm of the player. Also, there are many bonuses and special win in the game. There are a few more surprises in Slot Tales Devils Triangle, which I think everyone should take in as a secret and discover it himself. You would lose the excitement if I told you now.

The game is easily available on the app store and is compatible with almost all of the android devices. Few of the devices aren’t compatible, but I assume the devices with an android version Jelly Bean would definitely be compatible with the game. The game also houses in app purchases which I didn’t think made a bad impact on my gaming experience.

So, Slot Tales Devils Triangle is actually a good and unique kind of casino cum cards game which is suitable for both beginners and experience players. 

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