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Snap Challenge

05 May 2014

Snap Challenge game review

Playing cards is a universally fun game that can be enjoyed by the entire family. If you have always enjoyed card games and consider yourself the fastest hand in the west, or wherever you are located at… then you will definitely love Snap Challenge.

Snap Challenge is a fun and multiplayer game suitable for everyone. Get ready for some card game fun with this fast and fun game.

Once you have installed the app you will be asked to put in a username to enter the game. Before you get hands-on to the fight, it is suggested you get some practice first.

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Snap Challenge screenshots

Do so by tapping on the “Practice Game” button at the bottom. If you are not sure what you need to do, the concept of the game is actually very simple. Oh, but is it fun! It is basically very similar to the traditional card game “snap”.

In the practice section, you will be given two sets of six cards each. You get 10, 20, or 30 turns; you can select this on the settings. There is one card that is repeated in both sets, you must find this one as soon as you can and tap on it in order to discard it.

But you must hurry as you are being timed! Get some skills by practicing your rapid eye and fast hand, you will need it. You can keep playing this one-player mode and beat your own score. But this is only the Discard mode.

Let´s take it to the real thing now and get some opponents. You can try random players, but you must wait for someone to tap into the game at the same time as you. The best thing to do is get your friends and family join you. Go ahead and test which is the fastest hand in the family. Play some Discard game or Grab game. Check out what their scores are and compare it with yours.

In the Grab game you start with one card and have to grab as many snap-cards from the top deck as you can. The winner is the one who has the most snap-cards.

It sounds like lots of fun, I know! In multiplayer, you can use jokers to have advantages over your opponents. Add up coins so that you can buy some of these jokers and use them against your opponents.

Did I mention you can link to your Facebook account? Yes! And you can invite your FB friends for a challenge. You can also create your list of friends to challenge them. You can even send instant chat messages to other players through a light service that hardly uses any data.

But don´t take my word for any of this. Go ahead and start challenging your friends and family. Tons of fun are guaranteed! 

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Download Snap Challenge from Android market