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Soldiers of Glory Modern War

13 Sep 2013

Soldiers of Glory Modern War game review

Modern War is a graphical military game for Android devices that allows players to enter a world of military might where they can take over the world as a legendary commander.

The game tasks you with building up your base so that you can complete progressively more challenging missions and even take on other players around the world. The game first has you select a location on the map where you will begin your military career.

With over 100 units to take advantage of, 60 buildings to use, 30 areas to check out and well over 300 missions to complete, this game can keep players engaged for days.

You can select between easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels, with each playing as you would expect based upon their titles.

Soldiers of Glory Modern War::by Cat Studio Soldiers of Glory Modern War::by Cat Studio Soldiers of Glory Modern War::by Cat Studio Soldiers of Glory Modern War::by Cat Studio Soldiers of Glory Modern War::by Cat Studio

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You can also select whether to play under normal, endless, or battle mode rules, with normal being the best way to start if you want to get used to the game's mechanics.

The first time you play, an in-game tutorial will automatically come up to help you out as you build your first turrets and get going. Turrets and other resources cost money, which is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen so you can quickly see how much you have to spend at all times. You can also fast forward the game, take screenshots at any time, or use the in-game menu if needed. The touch controls are very accurate and responsive.

Modern War plays like a tower defense game, as you continue to place turrets that will help you deal with increasingly powerful enemies. You can force your enemies along a specific path by laying out your turrets in a certain way and blocking their path, and you can also call in special forces like airstrikes once every few minutes if you really get overwhelmed. You have to be vigilant at all times, because if units get by you, they will deplete your life, which is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Modern War has a great help menu that will help new players learn the ropes while giving you important info about different units so that you can use them properly in battle. The upgrade menu allows you to make the items in your armory more powerful both at attacking and in their reach, so they can assist you better in firefights. You can also use the medals menu to see the ranks you have earned throughout your time playing Modern War.

A game like Modern War is perfect for a touchscreen device. Selecting units and placing them by dragging your finger works wonderfully, and the game's progressive increases in difficulty allow players to get used to the game's mechanics and strategies before being overwhelmed with hard challenges.

Fortunately, with many difficulty levels and options to choose from, this game will adjust itself to any skill level and ensure a lot of fun while you are on the go and looking for some military-inspired fun. 

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