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11 Apr 2014

Solipskier game review

Solipskier is a fast paced skiing game where you draw the slopes to pick up speed and do jumps. Paint your own cliffs, do tricks and slalom through gates to get huge scores. I am a huge fan of indie games.

One such game that caught my attention quickly was Solipskier. This app seemed first to be a simple game but not much more than some tracing, but it quickly turned into a challenging app that kept me coming for more.

The game is based on the simple concept of skiing. Your whole role is to draw ground for the brave skier as he tracks forward into the darkness. Drawing different inclines will yield the expected result. Draw too much of the hill and he'll have to climb his way up and it will slow his speed. Draw slope downward and he'll pick up speed to eventually do a job. The game introduces things like gates and kill zones that will earn you points or end your life. 

Solipskier::by Mikengreg Solipskier::by Mikengreg Solipskier::by Mikengreg Solipskier::by Mikengreg Solipskier::by Mikengreg

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Click and hold the left mouse button to paint snow. The skier will do tricks if you let go of the button while airborne. Draw snow under Solipskier to gain speed, do tricks and hit bonus gates. Avoid the jump chasms and red gates and tryto get the highest score you can! Share scores with your friends to see who's the best.

Try drawing long downslopes with short inclines on the end to gain speed and neccessary altitude (for higher gates). 

If you pass through a green gate while airborne you'll get a multiplier and speed boost. The faster you go the more points you will rack up. High jumps can get you some serious points, but you have to travel high. Try to draw a steep slope to send Solipskier flying. You get a big speed boost for passing through green gates while in mid-air. It also adds two extra on yout multiplier. By jumping high in the sky you can earn extra points. The more gates you pass on your jump, the higher your score. Try your best to hit all the gates on a tunnel to rack a huge bonus points. It helps to keep your eyes on the arrow. If you run into a vertical drift that you painted, or draw over the top of Solipskier, you'll die. 

The art in the game is definitelly something worth noting. It looks great in the Retina display and offered a very minimalistic gameplay experience.

In the settings menu, you can throttle the Sound and Music volume to whatever you like to facilitate listening to your own music while you ski. I definitelly reccommend checking it out if you enjoy games like Lion rider and more and it has enough variety to be fun but brings a calm casual experience to the Android. Check it out!

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