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Sonic 4 Episode II

28 Sep 2013

Sonic 4 Episode II game review

Sonic has returned in order to complete his adventure that began way back in 2010. This time however he has brought a friend which you may well remember. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II continues on from episode I.

If you have played the first game, episode I, then episode II will be recognisable to you. Within the game there are four different worlds in which you have to adventure through, with each having three levels each.

The main goal of this game is to revert back in time to the gaming world of the 1990’s whilst adding a bit of modern influence in the form of a 3D format.

On each level there is a pretty impressive attack. As with the first game you can play the levels in a default scoring mode or on a timed mode in which you must move very quickly. You are assisted by game centre leader board support.

Sonic 4 Episode II::by SEGA Sonic 4 Episode II::by SEGA Sonic 4 Episode II::by SEGA Sonic 4 Episode II::by SEGA Sonic 4 Episode II::by SEGA

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A lot of the features of the two episodes are very similar as previously stated however there is one big difference being that all of the stages are not accessible straight away. This feature gives the game an added edge and makes the player aware of their progress.

Initially you are fronted with Sonic and Tails and their helicopter duet. Sonic gets hold of Tails hand as Tails gets out his double fox tails to rotate them which will make them both go up into the sky. Whilst there are not many new ideas for Sonic and Tails, there are some new introductions in the game, particularly in the way it is started. You can command tails to hold onto Sonics hand any time during the game whilst they are in the air and this will result in the traditional helicopter combination which is a fantastic way to prevent Sonic from freefalling into one of the endless pits.

As you being the game you will find that it is the stunning scenes which grasp your attention first. The backdrops are simply breathtaking with lots of room for manoeuvre. To understand what I am trying to say, take a look at the carnival stage. The images at the fore front are also wonderful and well developed and I would say putting both of these things together certainly produce the most visually stunning Sonic game to date.

After the helicopter combination you will be faced with a submarine combination. These two things are very similar however the submarine task takes place under water. The two friends must again link hands whilst Tails starts to rotate his tail and race off through the water. You need air to survive however so you will have to ensure that you make contact with the pockets of air in the bubbles every so often.

This game is a great advancement compared to the previous episode irrespective of the fact that it does not support retina display. All in all this is a very visually attractive game. The 3D is cleverly used too. At times Sonic may revert to 2D in the background whilst he looks for another spring. The fight scenes are greatly enhanced also. The game makes great use of the space available and I was very impressed particularly with the final fight.

As with the previous Sonic game, Episode too is a great all rounder plat form game and there are barely any gimmicks which take the quality away. The basic fact of the matter is that this game is purely a truly tremendous contemporary 2D game. The game is so well received that I would more excited to see a third episode which has been influenced by Sonic 3 as the original Sonic 4 episodes had been influenced by the first two games.

If you are a Sonic follower and can put aside the changes that have been made from the original 1990’s Sonic, or if you simply love plat form games then Sonic 4 Episode II is a game I would certainly recommend. It has so much depth and certainly a strong contender against the previous Sonic games.

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