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Space Attack HD Free

01 Mar 2014

Space Attack HD game review

Space Attack HD Free is an arcade action game which is currently available on the app store and is compatible with all kinds of Android devices.

The game is a new one in the market that has been released by Jatrix and is creating quite lot of buzz all around. That made me curious too. An arcade game making buzz! That isn’t especially common that when everyone is going through that ‘Flappy Fever’.

But even then I decided to check out this game - Space Attack HD Free.

Space Attack HD::By Jatrix Space Attack HD::By Jatrix Space Attack HD::By Jatrix Space Attack HD::By Jatrix

Space Attack HD screenshots

As predictable from the name itself, the game is freely available on the app store which further added up to my will of downloading this game and giving it a try. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Yes, we love it, but only if it’s really good. So, I set myself on finding out whether the game is good or not.

In this game, you need to act like a classic arcade shooter who is trying to defend him from the obstacles in space. You have your own base in space which needs to be protected from things like asteroids, UFOs and aliens. The speed and your presence of mind is all that matters in this game. You fail to stop that alien stuff and your base is gone and game over.

The game has 32 levels with four base levels as well. Each level brings in a fresh air into the game with some way or another. This kind of feature lets you play continuously without getting bored. 

The graphics of the game are quite good. In fact, the graphics ought to have been good for it’s a space game. Usually, the first thing that gamers expect in a game set in an environment like space is better graphics and this game is going to feed you well in terms of graphics and effects. There are particle effects in the game which really make you get amazed and awed. The kind of effects the game has added a lot of amazement to the gaming experience.

I specially kept playing since I loved the graphics and I loved the kind of effects that were displayed when certain actions were performed. They were simply awesome. 

The intuitive entry in Space Attack HD Free is also an add on in the game. The game also has some new features, for example support for devices with 960x540 resolution. This was much required and demanded an update for even a friend of mine was suffering from the same problem. The game wasn’t supported by his device, but now it works very well and he is also a Space Attack HD Free fan like me. 

The overall reviews of the game are pretty good which makes me have a strong view that the game is actually very good and it’s not only me who liked it. The game is being loved by many which testifies that Space Attack HD Free is actually one person should try in the arcade cum action genre. 

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Download Space Attack HD from Android market