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Space Run 3D

23 Feb 2014

Space Run 3D game review

Space Run 3D is an adventure puzzle game which has been set up in a space station. You have lost your memory and you do not know how you ended up in that place, but one thing you certainly know is that you need to get out of there as soon as possible.

The space station has a number of rooms and equipments which you need to cross on your way out.

But crossing those rooms isn’t that simple since they have been filled with traps for you. This game is an excellent and exciting puzzle game which is now available on all kinds of Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Space Run 3D::By Aze Space Run 3D::By Aze Space Run 3D::By Aze

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Space Run 3D seems to be a game that has been inspired by games like “Portal of Valve, ” etc. The challenge is to solve the puzzles in order to cross the rooms of that space station and get yourself out of it. The game seems to be a little short though you should definitely not doubt about the difficulty and the fun part. The reason for the game not being long enough is that it’s the alpha version of Space Run 3D.

In future, the game would be improved and expanded. There are many new sections that are promised to be added and also, the graphics which seemed pretty good to me even now, would be enhanced further. I know, you would have a feeling that the new version would obviously be a paid one. Right? Don’t worry. You can download this game completely tension free for even the enhanced version is promised to be available free of cost.

One more exciting thing about this gaming app is the community beta test which is on Google+ aiming to do beta testing of the game. We can share our ideas, opinions and bugs (if we notice any) to the gaming community and the developer would work on it. Trust me, it felt like I am asking someone to develop a personalized game for me. It’s fun to join that community and discuss with like minded people about Space Run 3D.

Space Run 3D is obviously not a perfect game. I am saying this because the developers say that it would be improved, but having played this game for a few days, I have exactly no complaints about the game. Though, I did feel bad when I reached the end, but that automatically increased my excitement for the new version which is absolutely fine. Isn’t it?

The design and graphics of the game are in the correct place in a correct manner. The game isn’t stuffed with extra design details. It’s simple and fun filled game which is definitely recommended by me. There isn’t any bug that would interfere in the game and spoil your fun.

This puzzle game is going to give you quite a lot of entertainment and exciting moments. Though you know that the game is going stay free even after the new version is launched, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to download it right now. Does it? Go, get it right now on your device and start playing. 

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