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Speed Tesla Tank

26 Feb 2014

Speed Tesla Tank game review

Okay, I do accept that I got carried away by the snapshots of this game, but that wasn’t the only reason why I downloaded this game.

That wasn’t the only reason I loved this game. There are many features in Speed Tesla Tank which would force you to appreciate this game and keep playing. Speed Tesla Tank – so what’s the game is all about?

You have been given access to one of the strongest tanks in the world – The Tesla Tank and it’s loaded with weapons like Tesla Gun, Cannon, Plane Rockets etc.

Speed Tesla Tank::By TDG software Speed Tesla Tank::By TDG software Speed Tesla Tank::By TDG software Speed Tesla Tank::By TDG software

Speed Tesla Tank screenshots

You get equipped with all of these as soon as you start. 

What you need to do now is to run your tank, as fast as possible without hitting any kind of obstacles and destroying all the bad things. But be careful of the speed of the game would keep on increasing and increasing.

The objective of this game Speed Tesla Tank is to cover the distance as long as possible and reach the highest scores. If you want to rotate the turret of the tank, move your finger either left or right on the screen. In order to accelerate the tank, touch or tap on the screen. In order to fire, press the fire button. As you can notice that the objective and controls of the game are quite simple and can be learned by anyone.

It doesn’t take someone a long time to get comfortable with the controls and this game would be suitable for all kinds of ages. I really liked the kind of environment the game is set in. The graphics of the game are quite good as well as the user interface. Moving the tank and firing the weapons is quite easy and the objective is too easy to understand.

All you need to download this game and go! The best part of this game is that like other games where you need to just move forward while fighting with the obstacles and get high scores, this game doesn’t remain static. The speed of the game also increases as you progress in the game and you get to see quite a lot of new stuff as you proceed. This certainly prevents a person from getting bored of the game.

Speed Tesla Tank needs you to achieve the speed of light with utmost concentration on the game. It’s exciting, entertaining and a very challenging game which would be loved by anyone. The game is available on the app store and is compatible with all kinds of Android devices. My personal experience with this game has been really good. I didn’t find anything irritating about this game which I usually do while playing such games.

I have been playing this game continuously since the time I downloaded it. In fact, it’s the first game which I have played for so long without switching to any other game. This really means that the game is quite addicting and good, for it was liked by a person like me. Do try this! 

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