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Spiderman Total Mayhem

24 Oct 2013

Spiderman game review

I’ve always been a bit dubious about games based on comic books and movie franchises, as they can be a bit hit and miss. I feel, therefore, that my caution towards Spider-Man: Total Mayhem was warranted.

The combat system in this game works well, although you do feel as if you’re really mashing the controls a bit at some points. It’s still fun to watch Spidey do his thing with his punches and webs, though.

Boss fights are unsatisfyingly easy, though, as Spider-Man’s spider sense works a bit too well and he finds it easy to evade his enemies. When you’re fighting and you see an incoming enemy, you hit a virtual button that stalls the action into slow motion and this makes it easy to avoid blows and counter attacks – this is handy, but can feel a bit like cheating at times. However, the action still flows well, and the spider sense moves look really good. 

Spiderman Total Mayhem::by Gameloft Spiderman Total Mayhem::by Gameloft Spiderman Total Mayhem::by Gameloft Spiderman Total Mayhem::by Gameloft Spiderman Total Mayhem::by Gameloft

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The game also features some platform sections that break up the fighting. It feels quite liberating to swing over the city, sliding down powerlines and taking in the views.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem is a third person, fixed perspective brawler, and you’ll get some great move combo and dodge actions, offering you lots of different ways to take down your combatants. You can hit the square button to execute a simple combo, but then you can press another to punch them in the air and then jump up and combo-move them again when they’re down. You’ve also got your web button that on its own sends out spider goo to catch and immobilise enemies for a few seconds. When used in conjunction with jumps and other attack moves can create some fabulous attacks.

There are simply loads of thugs for you to beat up, the ever-useful spider sense, and an impressive array of recognizable bosses that fans of the Spider-Man comics or films will know at once. The game’s levels are pretty linear, but the quality of the fighting and enemies, the climbing and swinging, and the boss fights make them worth progressing through.
This game features a lot of content, with a large amount of unlockables that make you want to play again and again. Twelve levels are included, and each level contains tokens that you can pick up to unlock bonus art to gaze upon. There’s also the “ultimate difficulty” to unlock, and let’s not forget the boss rush mode.

Gameloft did this game justice – they have created a Spider-Man game that does what it should. The spider sense can often get totally overpowered in fast combat, and it makes an irritatingly frequent appearance in quick action sequences during cut scenes, but the main point of any combat game is to bash baddies, and you’ll be doing lots of that, don’t worry!

All in all, this is a top class fighting game that works well on the Play. It’s got lots of variety and enough unlockable extras to give you your money’s worth. Highly recommended by me.

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