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Sprinkle Junior

02 May 2014

Sprinkle Junior game review

There’s a water-based physics game called Sprinkle that’s been quite a hit, so the game makers at Mediocre decided to bring out a kid-friendly version, and they’ve done really well, too. 

At the heart of this reworking is the idea to keep all the Newtonian physics that make the original great fun, but without penalties and time limits. There’s little superficial difference between Sprinkle Junior and its big brother.

Sprinkle Junior has all the features and elements of the grown-up version, but has been adapted for younger players. As Sprinkler is essentially a children’s game, Sprinkle Junior is more of a toddler-friendly game.

It has, as you’d expect, bright colours and great water effects, as well as the fires and funny wee aliens.

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The best features of Sprinkler original are in Junior. You can still spray water along paths, put out fires and move obstacles, but the controls and the interface has been simplified for its younger audience. All you have to do to get a jet of water is to tap and hold the fire truck, and sliding your finger up and down raises and lowers the hose. There’s lots of fun to be had, without the worry of running out of water or aiming the hose at the wrong angle. It’s a very easy game indeed to play, which makes it great for pre-schoolers. Some of the levels need the player to interact directly with objects, rather than spraying water on them, as in the case of pulling up mushrooms so get to out-of-reach fires.

So, the endless supply of water is the main difference between Sprinkle Jr and Sprinkle. The game features some engaging puzzles, but they are still easy enough for very young children to work with – they have to pick up and drag blocks, and play with various machines. There are 22 vibrant levels to get through, and this game should keep your youngsters busy (and quiet) for quite a while.

Mediocre haven’t skimped on the mechanics in Sprinkle Junior, and these quirky developers have thought of some weird and wonderful scenarios like feeding cubes to a monster to get to the next level, or removing a massive hamburger from the screen. There’s a lot going on in this little game.

Sprinkle Junior is a great game for children – and even some adults – as many grown-ups will attest. All the classy features of the original have been brought into it, but the never-ending water supply is a nice touch for an audience whose forward-planning isn’t very sophisticated.

Another good point is that there are no in-app purchases or adverts in Sprinkle Junior, so there’s no chance of your child running up huge bills as he plays merrily (and we all know someone to whom this has happened). The price is a snip, too, at a mere $1.99 on Android devices.

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