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Spy Mouse

09 Apr 2014

Spy Mouse game review

Spy Mouse is a new game from Firemint Games, the same developer that made Flight Control. It uses the same control scheme, but you’re in a much more charming world.

As Spy Mouse, you’re the rodent version of James Bond. Your mission is cheese – and more cheese. And then some more cheese. To control your mouse, you draw out a path from him which he follows.

The reason this app is so high on the charts is because it will appeal to young and old alike. You’ll have to sneak past the security cats, grab the cheese and get out.

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The game’s mechanics are very smart and add depth and detail to the game. You’ll be able to use portal mouse holes, mouse traps, chilli that sppeds you up and TV that hypnotises the sentry cats.

To move your mouse, place your finger on him and draw out to where you want him to go. If, once he’s near the end of your path, you want him to continue, just extend the line. If you realise that his path will take him into trouble, tap him and he’ll stop instantly. That’s as complex as the controls get, but what isn’t simple is the rest of the gameplay, as it’ll get more and more complex as you progress.

Once you’ve got through all the levels you might want to make things more challenging for yourself by aiming for the three special achievements in each level. The achievements vary – like finishing a level in a certain time limit, or by only drawing a certain number of paths. Obtaining all the achievements will mean you’ll have to go over each level several times, though, as it’s not that easy. The replay value in this game is great.

This is an exciting – if somewhat tense – game. The design of the levels is first rate, and the complexity of the levels increases at a good rate. There’s such a lot of thought and information in this game that it’s amazing they can sell it for just a dollar. Just buy this game; the only debate over this you need to have is whether to buy the iPhone app or wait for it to hit the iPad.

Spy Mouse is divided into six worlds, each world contains ten stages. Each level has three objectives you can choose to aim for. These objectives vary with the design of the level – some need you to get through the level without being spotted by sentries, while others give you a limited number of lines you can draw to get all the cheese.

So far so predictable (albeit great fun). However, the template is shaken up somewhat by the kitty boss fights that pepper the levels. Once you’ve completed a world’s stages, you’ll have to take on a two-stage mission during which you take out a big boss. In these boss fights you’ll be able to use some new and interesting dynamics that you don’t see in the regular levels. These stages are most definitely the best parts of the game. The boss fights are very welcome, because the missions leading up to them can be tedious and frustrating.

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