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21 Sep 2013

squids game review

Squids is a great game with a lot of visual appeal and intricate design that makes it stand out from the other App Store offerings of similar prices.

The game is based on a team of squids who are tasked with saving the oceans from the evil ooze that’s polluting and infecting all life in them. Each new level starts with a brief set of stills with dialogue that explains where you’re at in your mission.

Once the intro is over, you can start. You control the squids by pulling on their arms and throwing them, slingshot style, at the ooze and other enemies.

Each squid has its own attributes, like special strengths, armour, movements and so on, and these attributes can be upgraded from time to time with the XP “pearls” that you gain along the way.

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As you fight on, you’ll find armour-enhancing hats and hidden stars that increase your XP.

Squids is a really cute game – it’s one of the best looking games I’ve seen on a mobile device. It looks like the graphics are hand-drawn, with water-colour backgrounds and character-full creatures. The stills that help you understand the story are a delight to look at, and the music is just as good to listen to, a lilting Caribbean sound that never gets old.

Your squids attack by being fired at enemies, and they can use their unique abilities a set number of times. The gameplay is based on holding one of your squids down and pulling its leg in the opposite direction of where you want it to go. If you imagine a slingshot or catapult, you’ll get the idea. You should have a good idea of where your squid will land by looking at the “action points” emanating from your cephalopod buddy. You then need to send your squid flying at the enemy, hopefully at just the right angle to do some damage. Once you’ve used up all your slingshots, you have to sit back and be attacked by the enemy, so aim your critters wisely.

Squids is an enjoyable game for young and old, casual gamer and more strategic. It’s easy to master, and although it gets a bit challenging at times, it’s never too difficult to be fun. If you like levelling and playing with team load outs to achieve mega scores you’ll also find this game absorbing a lot of your spare time.

Each class – or type – of squid uses their special ability to help in this epic battle. Scouts can ram into enemies, which gives them extra momentum and pace, healers can restore health points, tank squids can hit the ground and cause radial damage and shooter squids do exactly what it says on the tin! It’s as easy or as complicated as you want to make it, this game. You can keep it light, or add on lots of strategic options and depth to gain extra points for quick completion and exploration.

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