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Star Splitter 3D

21 Mar 2014

Star Splitter 3D game review

The Android apps and games are becoming more sophisticated with every passing day, and Star Splitter 3D is the newest addition to the list of fascinating games that can run on the Android based devices.

This action arcade game surely deserves a place on every Android device, phone or tablet, because it offers exciting times beyond imagination, which will leave the players in a complete state of thrill.

The features of the game brilliantly mixes all the aspects of the arcade and shooting games, and renders the best way to challenge the gaming skills of the player. The storyline of Star Splitter 3D is thrilling.

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The game starts with the player being a space ranger, whose job is to protect humanity from the outer space invasions and threats. The space ranger receives mission orders from the secret agencies and mega corporations, who are trying to battle the alien attacks and saving humanity.

The main excitement of the game is the functions which are easy, but are hard and challenging to control. These controls require high amount of skills from the gamers, which is the main goal of Star Splitter 3D.

The Star Splitter 3D comes with a plethora of gaming options that makes the game flexible and enjoyable. There are a plenty of choices for the weapon, spaceship, and missions. The real action begins upon selecting the gaming options.

The Star Splitter 3D is not only about flying the ship and shooting, but it’s also about strategizing. The player must protect the planet by shooting down the alien spaceships, to stop the aliens that are trying to control the earth.

Upon competing of a game level, the gamer earns money, essential for upgrading the ship and purchasing new weapons like the super weapons which can destroy the aliens in a single shot. The game turns more exciting when the player begins to interact with other characters in the game.

It requires the player to possess the relationship building skills. The psychological touch makes this game unique. There are 80 different weapons and 60 missions to select from, which will keep Star Splitter 3D challenging and exciting always.

As the name suggests, Star Splitter 3D is designed with a 3D environment, which is simply fascinating. The quality of the graphics is superior, and the entire game is designed aesthetically, including the spaceships, weapons and the space.

Incredible special effects hook the gamer, and oblige them to continue playing. Every character, spaceship, armor, weapon and the environment of the game is designed uniquely and masterfully to capture the interest of the players.

Star Splitter 3D has everything for the players. Strategies, action, shooting, communication, and the swift pace of this 3D game are perfectly combined together to create a pleasant gaming environment. To top the icing on the cake- Star Splitter 3Dis FREE to download from the Google Play store.

So thrill and chill your spine with this super blaster arcade, shooting and strategy game, today!

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