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Starblaze Confront

17 May 2013

Starblaze Confront game review

Set in a distant future where man has forsaken the shattered earth in favor of new planets, Starblaze Confront from RelicPlay.

com is an old-school 2D-style shooter with a musical score composed exclusively for the game by Shannon Mason. You assume the role of a lone bounty hunter, engaging in intense scenarios as you trek the star system. The game offers a wide variety of missions.

While in the common missions you find yourself face-to-face with an enemy ship that needs to be battled, other missions have you chase missiles, taking down fortresses, or racing through asteroid belts.

Starblaze Confront::By RelicPlay Starblaze Confront::By RelicPlay Starblaze Confront::By RelicPlay Starblaze Confront::By RelicPlay Starblaze Confront::By RelicPlay Starblaze Confront::By RelicPlay

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Briefings and cut-scenes in-between missions move the story forward. This is also where you may upgrade or repair your ship during the course of the game. Currency is obtained by completing certain key missions.

You have infinite ships on the Novice difficulty. Otherwise there is but one ship at your disposal, and once it is destroyed, you may buy a new one for the currency you’ve earned. The controls are fairly easy.

Move your finger up and down to move the ship, and tap to shoot. Tap and hold to charge a power-blast, and then release to fire. Power-ups may be fired upon to summon aid in the form of androids, missile-strikes, or a cluster of drop-bombs.

Ships have two fields: one for shield; one for energy. While the enemy’s shield is still up, it is recommended to use the charge, as it does more damage. Once down, use the regular fire to quickly deplete your enemy’s energy.

On certain levels you may be free to fly around the screen, using a virtual stick. Do keep in mind that you may choose to have it in fixed or relative position. The default is set to fixed. Starblaze Confront offers a range of options, such as difficulty set, fps, control settings, gamma, and additional sets.

Story mode will save your progress automatically, so that you may easily resume it at a later time. Several save-slots allows you to store multiple missions. A 2-player mode is also available, where you may engage a friend in combat or Asteroid race.

Here a selection of all the ships and battlefields in the game is offered. In addition, you may alter the time of battles or simply disable it altogether, increase or decrease frequency of power-ups and health items, and restore stats.

Upcoming features will include multiplayer mode, along with options to create your very own ship and battlefields. New pilots and ships will eventually be available. Relicplay. com, originally an international book-publisher mainly known for the widely praised Western novel “Lost in Depravity”, recently decided to include games for smartphones into their line of fine quality products.

Starblaze Confront is a welcome addition, and will shortly make its debut on other platforms as well. With its unique gameplay, Starblaze Confront stands out from most space shooters. Starblaze Confront may be found at Google Play.

Since it’s free to download and play, give it a try! Make sure to rate it as well. Any review or feedback is more than welcome.

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