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Stupid Zombies

26 Oct 2013

Stupid Zombies game review

Stupid Zombies is a delirious mix of Angry Birds with a shoot ‘em up game. Developer Game Resort has combined the two genres really well, and although bullet ricochet games aren’t uncommon, few are as good as this one.

You start off the game as the sole survivor of the often touted zombie apocalypse (or so it seems – the premise isn’t really made obvious), and you need to get rid of all the zombies.

You’ll soon realise that when you fire a bullet it’ll ricochet of the walls, and a well-fired projectile could zoom around a space taking out all the zombies in a level with ease. The fewer bullets you use to despatch the undead will increase the points you earn and bring you closer to the three stars needed to level up. Obviously levels get harder as you go up, and getting those vital three stars also gets trickier.

Stupid Zombies::by GameResort Stupid Zombies::by GameResort Stupid Zombies::by GameResort Stupid Zombies::by GameResort Stupid Zombies::by GameResort

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In Stupid Zombies you’re stuck in the left side of the screen, and your target zombies are scattered carefully in the immediate environment. You have to aim your gun in order to take out the entire bunch in one go. Remember, as your bullets ricochet, if you think in terms of angles and rebounds, you can do this with ease. Quite a few zombies are hidden behind objects, so you have to think carefully so that your bullet hits all the zombies.....that’s what makes this game fun.

There’s an art to making these bullets ricochet, especially as you have to make your bullets go rounds many obstacles. Your bullets will continue to bounce around the space for a while, occasionally picking off an undead crawler. Once you hit a zombie, he (or it) falls to the ground and the bullet carries on, looking for the next target. As you level up, the environment becomes more complicated and difficult, so you really need to up your game and expand your strategy. There are also moving blocks to make life even more difficult.

In the same way as in Angry Birds, killing all the zombies on any given level means you can progress to the next board in the group, and there are also some unlockable sets of levels. When you’ve earned enough stars, you will unlock a whole new group of environments. In later levels you’ll find special buttons that open and close certain sections that have to be manipulated at just the right juncture to allow you to get where you need to at certain times.

In Stupid Zombies, some levels can only be beaten by bouncing your projectiles off other objects. As well as this, the game involves mechanical objects – something that’s missing from Angry Birds. You quite frequently have to fire at switches or activate other levels to complete another level. The game is OK to look at, but Angry Birds wins in the beauty stakes. Stupid Zombies does, however, have an impressive (and exhausting) 420 levels. That’s a lot of zombies.

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