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13 Aug 2013

Sudoku game review

Do you like to play mind games? When it comes to the mind games, there is one game which has always been the most popular and most intriguing and addictive since the beginning – Sudoku.

90 out of 100 people in a survey said that they could not help themselves not playing the Sudoku when they see the unsolved puzzle in front of them.

That’s how Sudoku is – it’s addicting and interesting plus it is one of the most challenging games ever made to test the ability of your mind.

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Sudoku screenshots

Have you ever thought of getting an app in your smart phone that would let you solve the Sudoku puzzle whenever you want? You would need to get a newspaper to find a daily Sudoku puzzle. You can get a number of puzzles each day to solve. Yes, this is possible. Go get Sudoku free if you want to exercise and challenge your brain and test your mind skills.

There are a number of apps that allow you to play Sudoku then why Sudoku free? Because it’s the best that has ever been made. The very well designed user interface is the backbone of this app which is available for Android users. Easily accessible options are present in the app which would make your gaming experience much more fun and interesting.

Coming to the puzzles, the app provides millions of puzzles that you can solve. There are five difficulty levels provided in the app. You can play from easy to extreme level. There is also an option for an online puzzle game in the app. Also, the app allows you to share your scores and achievements with your friends. It always feels good to show off a bit. Isn’t it? What if you ran out of all the puzzle games in your app? Yes, it happens.

As the game is really addicting, you might run out of the puzzle games. However that rarely happens due to the large number of puzzles already provided with the app, but still if something like that happens you can easily update your puzzles from the game server without even the need of reinstalling the application. That is not all.

There is one more very popular option that has been loved by the gamers. Do you think you are smart enough to create your own puzzle? Well, if it’s so then this is the right platform for you as the game allows you to create your own Sudoku puzzle through the custom puzzle option. Make your own puzzle and challenge your friends. It would be fun. Won’t it be?

The game also has an automatic saving feature. When you click exit, the game automatically saves the puzzle which you had been trying to crack. You can easily continue the game whenever you get free. 
Sudoku free is the best of all of Sudoku apps ever made. A nice user interface and almost all the required features that a gamer would need in an app like this – the app could not have been better.

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Download Sudoku from Android marketDownload Sudoku Android free app download from Android market

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