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Super Ballz

26 Jun 2013

Super Ballz game review

Super Ballz is a simple yet inevitably addicting puzzle block breaking game that’s suitable for players of all ages.

The main goal of the game is to control Super Ball by moving it to the left, right, up and down. To move your balldog, simply touch the right or left side of the screen depending on where you want it to go.

If you encounter a block that’s the same color as your ball, then you have to destroy the block by hitting it.

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Super Ballz is relatively easy to play but the real challenge lies in finishing all 100 levels in Story Mode and successfully tracking down the evil block that captured your balldog. Throughout the levels, you’ll be chasing after the evil blocks to rescue your balldog.

Once you start the game, there’s almost no stopping until you reach the highest level to see your balldog rescued! It’s addicting since the gameplay isn’t complicated, and all you really have to do is manipulate Super Ball quickly and skillfully.

In the Challenge Mode, you have to do your best to achieve all 750 stars. Tapping the sides of the screen helps you manage the direction of your ball. You can destroy blocks with different colors by changing the color of Super Ball.

To change its color, you can hit a block with a white border, and then hit the corresponding block. Just keep in mind to avoid skull blocks as they can destroy your ball. Red blocks can only be destroyed after you have smashed all the other colored blocks.

The blocks have different colors, and not all of them can be crushed. You have to be careful hitting the blocks as some of them can change the color of your ball while others can destroy it. Super Ballz has 350 levels of increasing difficulty and two different game modes.

The Story Mode follows the adventure of Super Ball as you take on a journey towards rescuing your balldog. And in the Challenge Mode, the goal is to finish all 250 levels. You’ll encounter plenty of amazing puzzles along the way.

As you reach higher levels, the game gets tougher and more challenging. You’ll definitely become a pro Super Ball player by the time you reach level 100. The game has a clean, smooth interface with charming animations and colorful graphics.

A cheerful instrumental music plays in the background. There are also cutesy sound effects each time you tap and navigate through the menu. You’ll find five icons as you open the game: the story, challenge, store, options and exit buttons.

For a price, there are options to remove ads as well as add up to 260 extra levels. Super Ballz can get you hooked instantly. You’ll certainly enjoy tapping the ball that just doesn’t stop bouncing. This game will strongly remind you of the Super Balls block breaking game that you played back in the days.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or a casual mobile game enthusiast, Super Ballz will keep you well entertained.

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