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Super Bit Dash

29 Jan 2014

Super Bit Dash game review

Super Bit Dash in a nifty 8-bit game in which you have to swipe and dash around retro-styled stages, but in a very new way. The aim of the game is simple – you have to get across an auto-scrolling course littered with pits and spikes to name but two dangers.

Each level of Super Bit Dash are just as unique as the game play, as tiny rooms and spaces are rapidly and randomly assembled and pieced together which keeps the game moving and new.

You have a few tools and abilities – you can jump, slow down and make amazing dashes upwards and straight across. Your dashes cost one coin each though, and if you run out of coins you won’t be able to dash about any more, which is a death sentence in this game. Fortunately you’ll come across lots of coins as you make your way through the environment in the same way as you would in Sonic the Hedgehog. You can also use coins to buy power-ups and different characters. This is 2012, after all, and you can also buy extra coins through in-app purchase options. Buy downloading related games you can also earn free coins now and again.

Super Bit Dash::by Afonso Cordeiro Super Bit Dash::by Afonso Cordeiro Super Bit Dash::by Afonso Cordeiro Super Bit Dash::by Afonso Cordeiro Super Bit Dash::by Afonso Cordeiro

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Tapping the screen means you’ll jump, and a swipe right or left makes you dash in that direction. You use your dash to break through the green barriers that are frequently in your way, and a series of three or four dashes are often the only way to get across a room with no floor. By swiping to the left, you can decelerate, which means you can avoid timed dangers like lasers.

You can only use your dash function if you have enough coins, but you can always jump by tapping, and this can sometimes help you to get about while conserving some swipes. You will face spikes, moving spikes, falling blocks and also being squashed by the screen if you don’t keep up with the ever-moving action. The game has a tutorial level, which will come in very handy before you dive into the action.

The 8-bit coins that you pick up allow you to do more than just dash – you can also make purchases from the in-app store. You can buy more heroes, power-ups and coins, and there’s a good selection at reasonable prices. You should go for the characters first – Santa, Moon Man, Dead Fred, Pablo, Pierre and Wheelie, as well as the Yodelers and the Lumberjacks. The power-ups are useful for gaining extra starting lives, coin magnets and extra coin slots.

Growing up in the 1980s and 1900s, I became a fan of retro games, and so I was quite excited to try Super Bit Dash. Thankfully, the game delivers – the 8-bit graphics are really cool, as is the retro-styled soundtrack and the bonkers characters like Dead Fred and the Yodeler. You’ll keep coming back to this game because you never really know what you’re going to get – or in what order.

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