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Super KO Boxing 2

27 Jan 2014

Super KO Boxing 2 game review

Glu Mobile’s Super KO Boxing 2 for the iPhone is one of the most polished and eminently playable boxing games out there. It has some brilliant cartoon-style graphics that grab you straight away and draw you into the action.

The game has three modes of play, Circuit, Versus and Challenge. During Circuit, you’ll meet the most fearsome opponents as you slug your way to the world title.

Versus is the part where you’ll meet boxers you’ve previously beaten. You’ll have to unlock Challenge mode by winning your first Circuit, and the fights in there will present you with specific objectives for passing the levels. However, you’ll spend most of your time in Circuit, and you’ll have to learn and make some progress before unlocking other modes.

Each bout lasts for three rounds of three minutes each, and each of the fighters you’ll face has particular strengths, weaknesses and moves.

Super KO Boxing 2::by Glu Mobile Super KO Boxing 2::by Glu Mobile Super KO Boxing 2::by Glu Mobile Super KO Boxing 2::by Glu Mobile Super KO Boxing 2::by Glu Mobile

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Super KO Boxing 2’s controls are a system of virtual buttons and pads. These controls are responsive and ergonomic, but don’t get in the way of the action. The game’s vibrant animations deliver an immediate, hard-hitting (excuse the pun) game and action that has been missing from a lot of boxing games. The controls are also incredibly easy to use.

Your main objective is to win the title, and although the graphics are cartoonish, with each boxer having an amusing face, winning is actually quite hard work, requiring lots of practice and brain power. You’re fighting 12 different boxers on your way up to world title, with their own quirks and talents. You, as the KO Kid, will have to work your way through all of the circuits, winning each bout before levelling up. You have to win each bout in a circuit to take a belt and unlock the next lot of opponents.

You can use the touch controls to dodge right and left, to block and to through high to low punches. There’s also a charge attack that you need to build up energy for. If you combine the side dodge with a punch, you’ll find that you throw some decent hooks into your opponent’s face. If you tap your opponent, it leaves you vulnerable to attack, it means that you can boost your charge meter.

The game can get repetitive, but you should enjoy the funny character animations and the challenge of actually connecting a blow with your opponent. It might seem unfair, but you can only tolerate being knocked to the floor twice in a bout, but your computerised opponent can hit the deck four times before he can’t get back up again.

In short, Super KP Boxing 2 has stunning visuals and engaging, full-on game play. The developers of the game put a lot of themselves into the action, and their personalities really come through. You’ll feel the despair and humiliation of defeat and the thrill of victory – all in one little iPhone sized package.

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