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Surfing Girl

27 Oct 2013

Surfing Girl game review

Aaah, summertime.

Summer is the best season of the year, if you ask me. It’s nothing but long holidays at the beach, lounging on deck chairs and soaking up the rays. It’s bikinis, beach parties, luaus, foreign countries, tans and, OK, even the odd sunburn. But even that is worth the trouble, as long as you enjoy your summer to the fullest. One of the best ways to enjoy the summertime is by learning how to surf.

It feels great to accomplish the feat of standing on a board while the waves crash beneath you.

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But, if you are one of the unlucky ones who live in cold, dreary climates, you can still experience the thrills of learning to surf with the Surfing Girl app. Surfing girl is a very simple and straightforward Android game, available for free at the Play Store.

Your character needs to stay put atop her board while you navigate choppy waters and obstacles such as other surfer chicks, penguins and debris. You also need to overcome some really tall waves. To try this game out, just download the app and press play.

Choose the first available game (they will be progressively unlocked as you complete each game, much like Angry Birds) and start. Press the left button to accelerate (the faster you go, the easier it’ll be to jump obstacles) and the right button to jump up.

That’s it! Now keep going until you have overcome all obstacles without losing all 3 lives and reach the island. That marks the end of that particular game and you will then receive your points and ranking.

The less lives you lose, while being faster and more accurate, the more points you’ll receive. Each game becomes more difficult and goes on for longer than the last. New obstacles are also gradually introduced.

Again, sounds a lot like Angry Birds. So if that’s your cup of tea, go ahead and give it a try. A game like Surfing Girl is the best option for boring, rainy days, as it will help you feel like it’s summer time again.

The joyous memories of times spent at the beach with your friends and family, relaxing and goofing around in the water, will definitely come back to you as you play. It’ll probably make you excited about summer and cause you to start planning every last detail of your next beach holiday straight away.

Our Surfing Girl heroine is tall, slim and lovely and, even though we know she’s just a cartoon, she may just be what you needed to kick-start or get through that bikini body diet you’ve been planning on doing for the last 3 years.

And if you’re a guy, well… let’s just say Surfing Girl’s bikini is NOT the granny type… at all. Go and check it out for yourself. So if you’re longing for those hot summer days as you look outside into yet another rainy landscape (our U.K. readers know what that’s like, right?), then definitely try out the Surfing Girl app now, and get back a little taste of the summertime, minus the sunburns.

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