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Space Run 3D game review

Space Run 3D is an adventure puzzle game which has been set up in a space station. You have lost your memory and you do not know how you ended up in that place, but one thing you certainly know is that you need to get out of there as soon as possible.

The space station has a number of rooms and equipments which you need to cross on your way out.

Motivation game review

I am in kinda love with puzzle games and that’s why I tried one more game in such category and that game is Motivation. Just a few days ago, I downloaded the game and have been playing since then.

But wait, what the game is about? Yes, it’s a puzzle game, but what kind of objective do you have in this game and seriously, the name doesn’t even reveal a bit that it’s going to be a puzzle game. Am I right?

Treasure Beach game review

Do you want to play another puzzle game? Puzzle games are fun, but only when they’re of good quality without any irritating bugs.

If you are looking for such a puzzle game, try out Treasure Beach. This is a game which I recently downloaded and I’ve been playing this game since then. But what’s the game all about? What’s the objective of the game?

Robot Doctor game review

Robot Doctor is a game any puzzle lover like me would love.

You are supposed to step in the shoes of the doctor and try to help the several numbers of robots who have gone ill and need your sincere help. But how are you going to do that? You are required to control the nano bot so as to help your patients. There are 60 different and very challenging levels in the game which adds up to the fun.

Valentine Crush Story game review

I can’t believe that I am writing this around Valentine’s day but I had to for this game is all about loving your valentine and gifting him something special.

I won’t start with the very interesting description of what the game is all about. I would rather start with why I like to play Valentine Crush Story.

Helidroid 3 3D RC Helicopter game review

Oh, I waited for this game for a long time – Helidroid 3, a perfect fun filled action arcade game that I would recommend any person for sure. Are you wondering why or do you doubt upon my recommendation?

There is a big house which looks absolutely awesome because of the fine designing that have been done by the game designers and you’re on a mission to become a real and expert pilot.

Logo Quiz Ultimate game review

Do you like quizzes? One of the best quiz games is the one with visual quizzes which means you would be shown a picture and you would have to guess the answer accordingly.

Logo Quiz Ultimate is something which takes this game to a higher level. Not only you can check your general knowledge but you can increase your knowledge about logos through such a game.

Mystery Castle HD - Episode 2 game review

Did you enjoy playing Mystery Castel HD – Episode 1? I bet you did. Even if you missed out the previous episode of this fun filled adventurous game, you don’t need to worry since there is a better version with double amount of fun and adventure now available on Google Play.

Mystery Castle HD – Episode 2 (Frozen Citadel) is what I am talking about. Monty the wizard needs your help once again for he has tumbled into another adventure where he needs to investigate the mysterious ice citadel.

Rising Empires game review

Do you want to play an extremely different and interesting strategy game? Well, this was what I had been seeking for when I came across Rising Empires.

This is a brain cum puzzle game which has been set up in a fantasy world where four races are fighting for the control. These four clans are trying to take control over the land which is on Surface and the land in the Netherworld.

Mystery Castle HD game review

Mystery Castle is an award winning game common for mobile phones, which hit the market around 8 years ago in 2005. This series consists of Monty the wizard who goes on a number of adventures and quests.

It is basically designed as a puzzle in the alternate dimension filled with traps, magical creatures, spells and other hurdles which the main character of the game has to overcome.

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