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IcoMania - Guess The Icon game review

The bus ride from college to home can be very long and tiring. My phone had a full battery; so I decided to drain out the battery with a new app.

Ico Mania caught my eye as a rather cool looking app. The app downloaded quickly into my phone, because of its small size. The icon was cool looking and very attractive.

EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest game review

You can step into the character of a whimsical bunny hero when you download the EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest on your mobile device.

You can take up a challenge with your friends or family or even alone when you pick the items that you need after each level as quickly and accurate as possible as you see yourself heading to glory in this game of hidden items.

Riddle me that game review

You must have played riddle games once upon a time in your life. And you have been intrigued on how the game takes your imaginative power to guess the answers to some of the riddles you were not able to provide.

These days, it may seem that this game has gone to extinction. Far from it, if you have an iPhone, this game is back for you to enjoy. Have you heard of Riddle Me That? This is the game that would get you playing for hour’s non-stop because it is simple and yet complex to test your ability to break riddles.

Kids Adventure game review

If you got kids and you want an exceptional game that is adventurous for them, a game that would be fun, engaging and also educative, there is no need looking far.

When you are able to mix fun, education and engagement together in a game for kids, you got Kids Adventure. This is a game that has been developed for kids to be friendly and most importantly for them to learn and be educated in this adventure game.

Guess The Word 4 Pics 1 Word game review

The word has been spread. There is a super exciting and entertaining game available in the Android market. Guess The Word – a new word game that has become a trending game on the market in just a few days.

Available for free, this game has been downloaded by many people and not even a single one has given a bad review about the game. So, how can I?  This game is so good that I cannot say bad stuff about the game even if I want to.


13 Aug 2013

Sudoku game review

Do you like to play mind games? When it comes to the mind games, there is one game which has always been the most popular and most intriguing and addictive since the beginning – Sudoku.

90 out of 100 people in a survey said that they could not help themselves not playing the Sudoku when they see the unsolved puzzle in front of them.

One More Drop game review

One More Drop is an ostensibly easy brain & puzzle game. But do not be fooled, as it only looks like simple game.

Do you have an understanding of how water droplets respond to cold and hot obstacles? No worries if not. This is something you can come to understand easily. There is character who lives in the grass, sustained by pure water, and wants nothing more than to have a friend.

Guess The Brand - Logo Mania game review

As the name implies, Guess the Brand is an exciting picture puzzle game that challenges your general knowledge about logos in a fun, creative guessing gameplay.

The main goal of the game is to guess the correct brands of hundreds of various logos and icons. Although the mechanics of the game are pretty simple, completing each level can get quite challenging, addictive and engaging.

Protologic game review

Protologic is a fun and absorbing game that applies logic in organizing a set of marbles.

Specially created for Android tablets, this game – which is also called Stack the Marbles – is simple yet very attention-grabbing. The major goal of the game is to re-arrange the set of balls in the main pyramid in order to stack balls of the same color in a single row.

Super Ballz game review

Super Ballz is a simple yet inevitably addicting puzzle block breaking game that’s suitable for players of all ages.

The main goal of the game is to control Super Ball by moving it to the left, right, up and down. To move your balldog, simply touch the right or left side of the screen depending on where you want it to go.

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