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Crystal Balls game review

After the success obtained in Nokia and Blackberry platforms, Crystal balls finally comes to Android.

Crystal Balls is a simple and addictive match 3 puzzle game where you will find lots of fun and challenges. If you like matching games, we recommend this fantastic game! Matching three balls of the same color is the basis of the game, while matching four or more balls makes you earn bonus points.

Weekly Football Quiz game review

Weekly Football Quiz does what it says in its description, namely providing users with a brand new quiz every week that covers both breaking football news, as well as classic moments.

The free version offers 50 questions a week, and the full version will offer a 100 questions, as well as the chance to enter your score into a global leader board, all for £0. 69.

Flower Pairs game review

Memory is a skill we all use every day and the stronger the better.

There are several different types of memory: "Working memory" processes information over a span of about 15 seconds, "short-term memory" retains information for up to about 60 seconds and "long-term memory" stores information indefinitely. Memory games make it easy for kids to improve their short-term memory and speed recognition skills.

Word Hunt - Word Search game review

Looking for a fun game that is entertaining and exercises the mind?

If so, here is one that you will enjoy. Word Hunt – Word Search is a word puzzle game created by Learning Gems. The game offers a fresh look to the classic word search games. This app features a cool steam punk graphic theme with great sound effects. The game play has three difficulty levels of word search puzzles ranging from easy, medium and hard.

Alien Space Train - Free game review

Alien Space Train is a highly challenging puzzle/arcade game for Android, from new company Burningood Ltd.

The underlying concept is a sliding block puzzle with the objective to build the track and guide one or more trains safely to exits. If that was all there was to offer it would be much the same as various games from the past, present, and almost certainly the future.

D Crypt Pro Word Game game review

D Crypt Word Game brings you the experience of puzzle magazine cryptogram solving fun to your tablet or phone without the ugly pencil erasure marks!

The game allows you to choose to solve a cryptogram quote or a cryptogram word list. If you select a cryptogram quote, you then can select the author of the quote. There are quotes from funny people like Will Rogers, Dave Barry, George Carlin, and Bob Hope.

Word Warfare game review

Word Warfare is a fun word game that people of all ages can enjoy.

Through a memorization technique called a mnemonic link system, Word Warfare effectively teaches you hundreds of words quickly, making it ideal for those studying for important tests like the SAT or GRE, or for anyone who wants to increase his or her vocabulary.

Words Builder game review

Words Builder is a logical game for those who likes puzzles with words searching and games like Jewels at the same time.

The game is played on a 6x7 board of letter tiles. The goal of the game is to build a maximum number of words from any adjoining letters, including diagonals, in a certain time. Unlike others word-finding puzzles each step of this game consists of two stages.

Pledruzzow Free - Word Puzzle game review

Pledruzzow is a game out of the Brain & Puzzle genre; the name is derived from the phrase ‘word puzzle’. The premise of this game is simple, arrange given letters to make words horizontally that are also words vertically.

Game play is easy with simple and pleasant graphics and accompanying sounds that can be turned off. This game features two play modes, Regular & Extreme. There are 6 game layouts to choose from.

Diamond Find game review

You've developed a nasty addiction without even realizing it - you want diamonds, more than anything else in the world! Diamond Find is the ultimate addiction simulator and speed-reading trainer.

The massive branching story flashes past your eyes, starting slow, but as you progress and find more diamonds, the words speed up, putting you in a hypnotic diamond trance and intensifying the craving for that next glittering fix.

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