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Catch The Escapee game review

Catch The Escapee is a challenging puzzle game that everybody can enjoy and play independently of age.

It does not contain violence, blood or any terrifying thing. It has been designed and developed for making fun and pass the time. The game aim is to prevent the blue enemy in its escape. It always wants to reach the closest wall on the field what have deeper color all around the screen.

100 Numbers game review

Put your inner math ability to the test with 100 Numbers, the free app for Android.

You may think that math is dull, but this game is like a magic pill that makes math the most exciting adventure ever. It is a simple enough goal. All you have to do is fill the board with numbers from 1 to 100. Your secret problem solver personality will crop up and make sure you nail it.

N.E.R.D.S. game review

When I say Nerds, what do you remember?

I am sure the first image that crosses your mind is a boy /girl with the big eyeglasses sitting on the first row in the class and surely they are top 1 in the math courses!!!!!Ok! Listen carefully; this image will be totally changed after you download NERDS. NERDS will be now associated with, cool, fun stuff...

Megacity HD game review

MegaCity is a unique city building puzzle game.

It's challenging but fun, easy to learn and hard to master. It uses a simple system where each building you place influences the tiles around it. The ultimate goal is to collect points by placing housing on the positively influenced tiles to keep your residents happy.


14 May 2013

Lexigo game review

Lexigo is a head-to-head word game for iOS and Android made by Canadian developer Wiggles 3D Games.

It is a competitive word puzzle game where players compete to lay down the longest words they can. A player wins by laying down all of the tiles from their bank of letters.

Hamster Chase game review

Hamster Chase is the story of four cute cartoon hamsters in their hamster balls trying to make their way home while avoiding the evil cat Sour Puss.

Players help the hamster get home by using the accelerometer to guide the hamster balls around obstacles and onto seed piles where hamsters enjoy their favorite meals.

CrazyCargo! game review

CrazyCargo is a real fun puzzle game where you are responsible as a port worker for the unloading of containers.

In five horizontally lined spaces you need to place colored containers and try to stack them in a match-three gameplay: If you've stacked at least 3 containers in a row, these will disappear from the display, you get points on your account and new space for additional containers gets freed.

Blockis Pro game review

Blockis is a game that requires brain and fast reaction.

When you play Blockis, blocks of different sizes falls down and your mission is to stuff them to form horizontal rows. Recognise this game? Yes, it may seem like Tetris™ at first but when you play you will quickly notice the difference. Blockis has only three forms; they are horizontal and portrait blocks. They fall quickly and settle on the bottom.

I Need A Hero game review

Minsk, Belarus based Mad Hat Games today announced the release of the first version of I Need A Hero for Android.

This whimsically addicting mobile gaming romp gives players access to the best of their favorite gaming genres, blending ‘Match Three’ themed arcade fun with a Role Playing experience unlike anything they’ve ever encountered.

Murder Detective 2 game review

If you like to read murder mysteries, or enjoy playing murder mystery themed games, then you will certainly enjoy one of the latest new apps to hit the iTunes store.

A new game called Murder Detective 2 has been released, and it features an engaging storyline, superb music and captivating gameplay.

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