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4 Pics 1 Word What's The Word game review

There are a number of picture hunt games available on the Google Play store, you know the ones, where two pictures are displayed, and you need to spot the differences.

This is good for those of you who are eating your carrots religiously, but that kind of game does nothing for the cerebral types among us.

The Lost City game review

The Lost City is a point and click adventure game that strikes like an arrow trough the heart of Myst game lovers.  It is a very engaging game to spend on your iPhone; it contains a few extras that Myst lacked, back in the days.

Making your way through The Lost City is more than simple; it is done with only a fingertip. You are guided to the ruin of an empty city that your grandmother promised it exists, always being one step closer to the truth.


11 Nov 2013

Doptrix game review

When you first see Doptrix for Android you’ll think it’s just a remake of this classic Russian game Tetris, but it has one unique feature that makes it different. This game literally turns Tetris on its head.

Although Doptrix uses the same four-block shape moving premise as Tetris, it lets the player dictate the direction of play as they choose. It also lets players decide what angle and from which position a shape approaches the grid.


12 Apr 2014

Drisk game review

Drisk is played almost exactly like the board game, where each player picks a colour and has his/her initial territory, which they must expand by attacking and seizing fellow players’ land, until one player rules all!

The game looks and feels very retro, which is great for the nostalgic types, and features such as sliding controls and the overall design of this app successfully brings this family favourite into the 21st century.

Word Tower game review

Word Tower is a well-designed and well-executed word game for Android.  You have grids of squares that are 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6, depending upon your fancy at the time. 

There’s one letter places in each row and you have to find a word that fits around each letter. To win games and progress you have to clear letter squares by making new words as more letters fall down from the top. 

Jekyll & Hyde Hidden Object game review

Ever dream of being a detective?

Whether you’re fascinated by the mystery surrounding the Sherlock Holmes character or you enjoy the more recent (and gruesome) C. S. I series, you know that being a detective requires great analytical skills, good eye for detail and, most importantly, not being easily scared. So are you up for the challenge? Then download the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde app today!

Lexathon™ word jumble game review

There are three main categories of people who will enjoy this app: grannys who are stuck in the house all day, geeks (here’s where I fit in) and random bored people.

If you consider yourself one of these three things, then read on to discover one of the most entertaining word puzzle apps to date.


17 Oct 2013

Quadratum game review

Quadratum is a fast paced puzzle game.

The goal of this game is to collect the highest number of squares in your color. To do that you have to select a color which is next to your current set of blocks. At the end of the game the person with the largest number of squares wins. This is a puzzle game, so you have to pay close attention and choose the right color to maximize the number of squares you occupy.

World of Goo game review

If any game was designed to be played on a touch-screen it’s World of Goo. It’s so simple to drag the little blobs and balls of goo around the screen to form structures like towers, tunnels and bridges that you don’t even need to think about it.

There are lots of levels in World of Goo that present players with challenges. They have to use the different colours of goo balls and their differing properties - some flammable, some bouncy, some floaty - to solve puzzles. 

Scramble Touch game review

Scramble Touch is a challenging word game.

The object of this game is to create as many words as you can in a given time period. This game is slightly similar to words with friends, because you play online with other people. Scramble Touch is different though because the object is to create words using the sixteen letters you are given.

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