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Role in the Hole game review

Role in the Hole is a very simplistic game, yet it proves to be a ton of fun, and a game that you will continuously go back to when you’re looking for something to do.

The goal of the game is to help the cute panda PoPo in his quest to find the popsicles that were taken from him and dispersed over a number of magical worlds by the evil gorilla called Uggi.

City Of Secrets game review

City of Secrets is a fun little adventure and mystery game that people of all ages can enjoy playing.

The game is set up like a story, and each round is an episode. At the start of each episode, you go through some story text that tells you a little bit about what is going on in the game. The overall goal of this game is to help Rex and Mr. Mole save Poco Pane.

Sprinkle Junior game review

There’s a water-based physics game called Sprinkle that’s been quite a hit, so the game makers at Mediocre decided to bring out a kid-friendly version, and they’ve done really well, too. 

At the heart of this reworking is the idea to keep all the Newtonian physics that make the original great fun, but without penalties and time limits. There’s little superficial difference between Sprinkle Junior and its big brother.

WikiTest (Trivia Quiz Game) game review

WikiTest (Trivia Quiz Game) is, as the name suggests, a trivia game.

Anyone can enjoy this game because there are all sorts of different topics for the questions. There are currently over five hundred questions available, so you can spend hours playing this game multiple days in a row. To get started all you have to do is click play and you can start a new game.


11 Sep 2013

Unolingo game review

Unolingo is an exciting new spin on the well-worn crossword puzzle genre that will have players addicted within minutes.

In Unolingo, you are presented with what appears to be a classic style crossword puzzle. In usual crossword puzzle fashion, some of the letters will already be filled in, while others will be awaiting you to fill them in.

Lexathon™ word jumble game review

Lexathon is an innovative, diverting word game that you can play and enjoy on your Android device. Xandar Mob has just released new version of great word jumble game.

In Lexathon, you are given a simple task. Out of a 3x3 grid of letters (nine letters in all), you need to make as many words of four or more letters as you can, and as quickly as possible. However, the brilliant twist comes in how you must use the letters.

Glass Tower 3+ game review

In Glass Tower 3+, your goal is to break all of the game's blue blocks while preserving as many red blocks as you can.

This is difficult because the blocks are stacked on one another, and breaking some can lead to others falling and cracking realistically. You want to achieve the highest score that you can, and broke blue blocks add to your score, while broken red blocks subtract from it.

100 Rooms

06 Nov 2013

100 Rooms game review

100 Rooms is one of the most popular games in the brain and puzzle category.

This is one of the most addictive and challenging games, which can keep you busy for a long time. The basic concept of the game is to unlock doors and proceed to the next room. For this, you have to find a way to do that.

Block Puzzle game review

Block Puzzle is a puzzle game for Android devices that is very simple at its roots, but can really give you a fun challenge once you get used to it and try the more difficult puzzles.

The basic concept behind Block Puzzle is this: you have a large square or rectangle which you need to fill.


18 Nov 2013

Cryptica game review

Cryptica Lite is an ingenious puzzle game for Android operating systems that features plenty of content around its basic mechanic of moving blocks to specific squares.

In Cryptica Lite, you have a very simple premise to start from: you have blocks with different tribal-looking symbols on them, and you want to maneuver the blocks so that they are on top of the spaces that have the same symbols.

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