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07 Jan 2014

Preferans game review

Preferans is a highly intellectual trick taking card game.

While there are many known variations of Preferans our application supports three most popular flavours. The game is played by 3 players with 32-card traditional deck from sevens to aces. Player scores are kept on a score board called the pool. The game purpose is to maximize your own score leaving the other 2 player scores as low as possible.

Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free game review

Monaco is my dream vacation.

Not only because they have Formula 1 races, beautiful women, great hotels and awesome weather. They also have the best, most luxurious casinos you have ever seen. Marble floors, chandeliers, champagne and billionaires, that’s what a real casino is made of, with none of that neon sign nonsense we see in Vegas. Monaco is classy on a whole other level.

Headsup Holdem Poker game review

Headsup Holdem Poker is a fast paced virtual card and casino game.

As the name suggests, this game is a Texas Hold’em Poker style game. The goal of this game is to get a good hand of cards and win the most money. In this game you can play against the computer or against a friend. If you choose to play against the computer you can choose the difficulty level of the computer.

New York Slot Machine HD game review

New York Slot Machine is a fun and addictive video slot game for your Android device.

This game takes you away from your current environment and transports you into a glamorous world where large prizes are waiting to be won. At its core, New York Slot is a simple game, but it is very polished and fun to look at, listen to, and play.

Marbella Slot Machine HD game review

If you are into casino games and love slot machine games, Marbella Slot Machine HD is the game for you.

This is a simple, easy to paly fun slot machine game that pure entertainment. The idea behind is pure entertainment while you want to while away your time or want to have some fun with your friends with a slot machine that does not ask for money.

Poker Master Multiplayer game review

Poker Master Multiplayer is a very interesting and competitive online Texas Hold'em Poker game.

All I can say about it is that this is one of the best free games that I have played on my droid yet. You have to create your free account when you first download it and then you are “IN”. For beginners, who have never played poker, it takes through a tutorial, which makes a person understand the game fully.

Slots Social Casino game review

Hearing Cha-Ching sounds from your Android?

Well installing the first ever social casino application on your android can do this to a person because Slots Social Casino offers various slots and poker games from real world casinos of United States. Other than being the world’s first real Vegas style, social 3D casino game with several wonderful featured packed in.

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