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Heavy Truck Speed Racing game review

If you are looking for a Heavy Truck Racing app, then you are in the right place. Heavy Truck Speed Racing App will give the best of sensations you need in a racing game.

So please beware that this app will keep you busy till your battery drains out. Just to provide you more insight Heavy Truck Speed Racing App was developed by Gamayun Productions, who are the gurus of racing apps.

4x4 Adventures game review

4x4 Adventures takes a fresh look look at the world of offroad racing.

Created by an off-road enthusiast, this game draws a lot of inspiration from the fun, challenges, frustration and finally the euphoric sense of achievement and satisfaction of overcoming seemingly impassable trails in an offroad vehicle.

Micro Racing - arcade cars challenge game review

Getting bored at a meeting or in a queue?

Micro Racing is a free game that will keep you excited in every moment! Turn the key, hear the roar of the car`s engine and start a fascinating race, with elements of drifting. Five cars to choose from where each car has it’s own upgrades, four different tracks and a bunch of powerups will keep you excited all the way. Be warned – the game is addictive!

Music Ride game review

Racing and pumping to the tunes along a 3D race track, created by the rhythms of the music itself, this is realtime racing if I have ever seen it.

A new free app on the Google Play store is now available, and it is called Music Ride. Music Ride is a good name for this application because at it's core, it is a fast paced racing game where the racing track is created by the different beats in the music.

Bike Extreme Free game review

Get ready for some fun filled, Android app excitement!

I just got this new game called BikeExtreme, a really fun game, with excellent graphics. The game is a motorcycle racing game, where you are riding and off-road motorcycle through an urban area. The game is free on the Google Play store. So let's take a walk through, and see how this game actually performs.

Reckless Getaway game review

The story of the game is simple , there are 4 different worlds, and you have 4 levels of scenarios in each world to make your escape. You drive a car and try to avoid and run police off the road, collect stars, run other cars off the road, perform stuns and so on.

Game is not about winning a race like in Need for Speed, but instead participating in a serious of gateways from the police. This game was developed by Pixelbyte and published by Polarbit.

Asphalt 6 game review

On iOs, Asphalt 5 was a vast improvement. Asphalt 6 Adrenaline is the best of this three versions in pretty much every aspect, gameplay, the different cars, the quality of the graphics, and definitelly the speed, which is significantly faster.

There are a lots of different cars to choose from. Carreer mode - you got different leagues, within every league you have variety of different races and variety of different tracks. In normal race you want to finish within top 3. 

Moto Mobile 2012 PRO GAME game review

This is a proper boy app.

Some girls might like it too, but its colour palette (red, black and white), theme and gameplay are entirely aimed at the boys and men out there who enjoy racing apps. Not just any old racing app, however. One with fast motorcycles and super-challenging gameplay that will turn your world, literally, upside down. If this tickles your fancy, read on and then, more importantly, download the app!

Shine Runner game review

Shine Runner is a simple game; you get into your souped-up boat, stash some cash in it and set off to get black market goods from six different locations and shops.

Vector Unit have a great line in arcade racing, with an intuitive feel for how it should feel. Your boat racer is heavy on the accelerator, and the boat doesn’t seem to have any brakes, so turning corners (using tilts or taps) is the only real problem.

Lane Splitter game review

The game is a top-down arcade-style motorcycle game where you need to tilt your Android right and left to steer bike down a chaotic highway, keeping away from other cars or trucks along the route.

At the start of this racing game, you’ll from time to time need to avoid a vehicle here and there, however, as you drive more on the highway, the road traffic will grow so much that you’re frequently dodging numerous cars.

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