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Haypi Monster game review

Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower is a spectacular game for your iOS devices, where you will first get inside the Monster world and start living with them in the world of fantasy and adventure.

There are over 200 + monsters to collect, and start living with them. If you are looking out for the excitement to train your monster, then Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower is the best game for you.

Eyes - the horror game game review

I have always been a fan of horror games, the latest port of the indie game "Eyes the Horror Game" is no exception.

This game is now available for the iPhone and iPad, and it blends intuitive game controls, with a vast sound effects lineup and fun gameplay. Let's take a look and see how to play the game.

Temple Run game review

In Temple Runner, you play an Indiana Jones style explorer who is being chased through a temple by demon guardians. You’re always moving forward, and you have to guide him around the treacherous temple paths.

You’ve just “claimed” an ancient idol, and the guardians wake up and try to eat you, which is why you’re running. You’ll traverse the ruins of ancient temples, jump over burning statues and dive under the roots of huge trees.

Dragon’s Lair game review

Dragon’s Lair is one of the oldest video games committed to laserdisc, and now it’s managed to hit modern day smartphones, including the Android. You play Dirk the Daring in this game – a knight who is trying to save Princess Daphne from Mordroc’s castle.

If you weren’t born in the right era to play this game first time round – be it in a ZX Spectrum, Atari, Gameboy or Xbox - then grab the chance now, as it’s great.


21 Sep 2013

squids game review

Squids is a great game with a lot of visual appeal and intricate design that makes it stand out from the other App Store offerings of similar prices.

The game is based on a team of squids who are tasked with saving the oceans from the evil ooze that’s polluting and infecting all life in them. Each new level starts with a brief set of stills with dialogue that explains where you’re at in your mission.

Run Like Hell game review

In this endless running game you’re an explorer who, rather foolishly, has stolen some priceless artifacts from a tribe of hungry cannibals, and you need to get off their island pronto.

If they catch you, they won’t give you a slap on the wrist, they’ll slap you onto their grill! You start off running, and you have to leap over natural and man-made obstacles to escape.

Age of Wind 2 game review

Many children often dream of being a pirate and it is a fantasy that as an adult we would still love to happen. The game somehow seems to make it appealing to be a crazy 17th Century criminal, and makes the job seem some what alluring.

The fact that this decision to be a criminal may lead to an untimely death at the gallows along with the decaying looks of a toothless monster whilst catching a nasty illness is soon forgotten.

Sam and Max - Beyond time and space-Episode 1 game review

Telltale Games developers have released the newest chapter of their famous games on IOS.  Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space-Episode 1 ‘Ice Station Santa’ is the first of five episodes in this engaging adventure.

Get together with these two marvelous freelancer detectives, with their own brand of criminal justice. These two detectives fight crime, and catch bad guys, interrogate suspects, all this without a permit.

Little Acorns game review

Little Acorns may seem like a very child friendly game, with its main character being a father squirrel on a mission to find enough acorns to keep his family alive till the next year, but in essence it has enough run and jump action to keep even the most seasoned gamer entertained for quite a few hours.

The game takes place through four seasons, and that is the time you have to complete the levels and collect enough acorns to feed his family.


20 Nov 2013

Lume game review

Lume would definitely fall into the point and click adventure category of games. You play as Lumi, a character trying to figure out what happened to her grandfather.

What’s great about the game is that it doesn’t tell you what items you can pick up or tap on to work on a puzzle, there are visual clues but you’re going to have to really rely on trial and error to get you through the game.

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