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colors of the mind game review

It is probably one of those times in which you have to make a tough decision that might affect your life for a long time.

You are not sure what it is that you want exactly or what is your motivation for deciding things. We have all been there and know how tough that can be.

 Otto Karotto game reviewOtto Karotto is a fun filled game available on iTunes with plenty of features which would be loved by children and according to me, it would be loved by some fun seeking adults.

The game is filled with some really cool features and is an entertaining one overall. Otto Karotto is a reaction game where you need to protect carrots on your farm. There are 10 carrots overall and a very bad and greedy rabbit named Otto.

The awesome Whiz Quiz game review

Do you think you are smart enough to try your hands on awesome and mind engaging quiz tests?

If you would love to show your quiz talent to friends and colleagues, you got yourself an awesome Whiz Quiz. This is an app that was developed by Bruno Capezzali. The app is able to try your skills in showing how clever you are and your stance in the leaderboards.

Janken Game game review

I think everyone has played the game "Paper – Rock – Scissors", but a new app available for iPhone and iPad takes this timeless Japanese game and brings it into the modern world with real punch.

Normally in this kind of reviews I like to describe how the game is played, but of course, if you have ever played "Paper – Rock – Scissors", then you know how to play this game already.

Country Life game review

Country Life is a virtual farming app for iPhone and iPad that gives you the ability to build, manage, and grow your own farm.

Part love story, part 3D game, this game puts you in the shoes of young boy who goes out to the Thai countryside to prove that he is worthy of the love of his life, Tida. The game starts off with a short comic strip showing a dialogue between Tida and Derek, the character you play as.

Fling a Thing game review

Fling a Thing by Big Blue Bubble is a simple game, but it will have you hooked in minutes. The principle of this 99c game is so simple and elegant, and its parts work together so well, that you’ll be playing it again and again.

Fling a Thing is way more than the sum of its parts, as all its elements work so well together. The sounds work with the graphics which work with the action and level progression. You get the picture.

Hello Kitty Coffee game review

Hello Kitty Coffee is a fun coffee shop and bakery game that includes the adorable Hello Kitty characters to maximize the fun.

In this game, you want to have the best coffee shop and bakery possible so that you can improve your facilities and satisfy your growing number of customers.

Angry Yeti game review

Angri Yeti is a great arcade-style adventure game for Android devices with addictive gameplay and cute graphics.

In Angry Yeti, you take control of (you guessed it!) and angry yeti who has witnessed a group of fellow yetis getting captured by a group of evil researchers.

Bumpy Road game review

Bumpy Road has taken a style of gaming made popular by the ITouch and other touch screen devices and has strived to make it the best experience that it can be. The game is centered around helping a couple down a road, the farther down the road you go, the more points you collect and the higher your score is.

However, while playing this game you aren’t playing as either party in the couple, you are playing as a third person, controlling the road that they are driving along.

My Little Hero game review

All children have experienced the terror that there is a monster hidden within the closet. Whilst this fear may seem unrealistic to a grown up, it is a very real and possible terror to the mind of a child.

The unfamiliar is very scary indeed to a child and this is further enhanced by the shadows which appear within a child’s room creating a wide variation of scary shapes. I am sure we all were at some time, a bit scared as a child when it game to being in bed in the dark alone of a night.

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