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Rush for gold California game review

Who doesn´t remember California´s gold rush in 1848? Well, maybe you don´t.

Now there is a game that allows you to bring historical epic motives to this century. I am talking about Rainbow Games´s Rush for Gold: California. Get ready to have much fun in this entertaining strategy game that will keep you not wanting to stop. The main idea of the game is to have you build your own California town.

City of Splendors game review

City of Splendors is a fully interactive multiplayer game with amazingly stunning 3D graphics and animation, and a fantastic storyline.

It’s a 3D, online cross-platform strategy game that combines the gameplay of various fantasy games and offers a challenging wartime campaign in a creative illusionary world teeming with myths and legends. In this epic game, developing the best strategy is the key to win.

Zombie Block Party game review

If you have ever wanted to go zombie on your neighborhood, now is your chance.

A new game called Zombie Block Party has hit the iTunes App Store and is available for the Apple iPhone. Zombie Block Party is a truly intriguing game that allows you to use the GPS on your iPhone collaboratively play with other people who are in your local area, neighborhood, local bar or wherever you may be.

DragonWarz game review

Clansmen, get your gear on and be ready to fight, because the Dark Lord is coming and he has no mercy.

A new game for the iPhone, called DragonWarz pitches you against hordes of demonic warriors with only one thing on their mind, and that is to defeat your armies through 10 engaging levels of gameplay.

Youda Survivor game review

In this game, you’ll play Youda, who has been washed up on the coast of a remote island. To stay alive, you’ll have to convince the natives of the island that you are their best hope against some crafty pirates.

To do this, you’ll have to find mystical objects with magic powers, learn various rituals to manipulate the weather, and use machines all in the pursuit of your quest.

Radiant Defense game review

Hexage have created here a wonderful bright vibrant Tower defence game which is a follow up to the original and well liked Radiant game. Radiant is an arcade firing game which influenced by some of the classics such as Space Invader.

The role of the player in this space game is to defend the glimmering spiral which is in the middle of a galaxy from the potential threat of the vibrantly coloured alien life form.

Epic Astro Story game review

In Epic Astro Story, you attempt to colonize a planet. The new stuff comes in the form of away missions, which are totally hilarious and buff up the gameplay in a way I really enjoyed.

As a solid Trek nerd, I was extremely amused to discover my first residents were "James Turk" and "Jean Vicard." Later you'll be joined by Wes Smasher (which cracks me up every single time he says something), Bones Mc Gee, and many more great riffs on the classic Star Trek universe.

Train Conductor 2 USA game review

Train Conductor 2 sounds simple, with a very basic objective – to get a number of trains from one side of the screen to the other. The game revisits the path drawing genre which had you connecting train tracks to get trains home safely.

The trains start from both the left side of the screen and the right, and you have to lay down the tracks in order for them to reach their destinations safely without any collisions.

Majesty The Northern Expansion game review

Majesty: The Northern Expansion has a slight but important difference to other real-time strategy games in that it doesn’t give you full or direct control over any of your forces.

This game is gorgeous, with detailed, colourful cartoonish graphics that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the better quality full-on PC games. The stunning visuals are allied to a strong, heroic sounding soundtrack, which helps no end.

Three Kingdoms Heroes game review

Three Kingdoms Heroes is an epic strategy game that allows you to use strategy and cunning to become the a hero and a legend.

You play as a character who is lost in a time of turmoil, tyranny, and betrayal. Civil wars are common, officials are corrupt, and loyalty is low.

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