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Sonic 4 Episode II game review

Sonic has returned in order to complete his adventure that began way back in 2010. This time however he has brought a friend which you may well remember. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II continues on from episode I.

If you have played the first game, episode I, then episode II will be recognisable to you. Within the game there are four different worlds in which you have to adventure through, with each having three levels each.

Tank Riders game review

Polarbit Games’ Tank Riders is a good old fashioned top-down tank shoot ‘em up with a dash of strategy to keep it interesting.You won’t be zipping around in a souped-up sports car, though.

As you may have gathered from the title, you’re in a tank, trundling around blowing up other tanks. Simple, eh? Your tank may lumber, but you can move around the maps in each level by using special teleporters.

Block Story game review

Block Story is the latest release by the makers Mind Blocks.

As soon as I began to play this game I was immediately struck by the stunning visuals. The graphics were absolutely out of this world. I was very impressed by the high quality of them. The colours were bold and vibrant and the graphics were so realistic that they created the feeling of actually drawing you into the game. They really are breath taking.

Star Splitter 3D game review

The Android apps and games are becoming more sophisticated with every passing day, and Star Splitter 3D is the newest addition to the list of fascinating games that can run on the Android based devices.

This action arcade game surely deserves a place on every Android device, phone or tablet, because it offers exciting times beyond imagination, which will leave the players in a complete state of thrill.

Dodonpachi Blissful Death game review

Dodonpachi Blissful Death is a nice spaceship made for gamers who are not afraid to play a real shooting game. For those who have never played a game of this type they are in form a major experience.

The ship is guided with a single fingertip, this can be done by either tapping or dragging the craft around the screen, or just place your finger around the off screen area.

Zombie Highway game review

You might have thought that the zombie genre has been done to death (or should that be un-death?), but then along come developers Auxbrain with a whole new take on the walking dead. 

You are driving along a post-apocalyptic highway, picking your way through abandoned cars as you go. Your main purpose in Zombie Highway is to keep on trucking – you can only go faster.


09 Dec 2013

Ziggurat game review

Ziggurat is different from almost all other iPhone games. It looks familiar and simple to start with, though. You’re stood at the top of a ziggurat – a stepped, Aztec-style pyramid – and you have to shoot down marauding aliens until they eventually win.

And they will always win. So far so samey, until you actually start playing Ziggurat. The difference is in the fine details, and they do make a big difference. For a start, there are no action buttons displayed on screen, and there’s no score visible until the end of a game.

Star Warfare game review

The first person arena shooter game from Freyr Games is just the kind of game one would expect from its title. This game is about what the title tells us, invading aliens attack and this leads to war.

Every stage demands you to survive the waves of attackers, picking up gold along the way. Gold comes handy at the shops where you can buy all kinds of useful items, form 26 different weapons (shotgun, grenade launchers) to several types of armor, helmet and gloves.


24 Nov 2013

iBomber game review

There are plenty of tower defense games on iOS, but only a few stand out above the rest and are actually worth spending any time one. Chillingo seems to have risen to the position of king of this genre, and it has excelled itself once more with iBomber Defense Pacific.

If you enjoy placing turrets in strategic locations to quell increasingly challenging waves of enemies, then you’ll love this game.

Jetpack Joyride game review

In the game Jetpack Joyride, you play Barry Steakfries, and you have just broken into a secret laboratory to steal a special jetpack. And you spend the rest of the game trying to escape this laboratory using the jetpack that you stole.

This is one of the many endless runner games that have made their way into the App store in the last little while. In this type of game the mechanics are often repeated and re-used, as it is somewhat difficult to completely re-invent the wheel, and one little miss-step from the development team can send the whole game down the drain.

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