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Waking Mars game review

The player must take charge of the central character named Dr Liang who has a rocket pack. His goes is to investigate the caves and coves of the red planet, Mars, with the assistance of his back up company.

This is not a battle game as such, but more of a game of accumulation in which the player must accumulate seeds for the wide variety of vegetation in an attempt to increase the biomass within each level in order to destroy barricade.

Luke The Liftboy game review

This latest release from Exozet is a cracking little game.

If you are a fan of strategy games then this is the one for you. Whilst the game is available for players age 4 years and up it is certainly also suited to the older generation too. Football fanatics will certainly be in their element with this football mad game. The main character of the game is a boy called Luke.

Run Roo Run game review

This game revolves around a central character named Roo the kangaroo who resides in Australia. Roo has an acquaintance who is abducted and taken to a city where he is held until being taken to an enclosure.

Roo is clearly upset by this and begins a journey to hopefully succeed in releasing is friend. This is a two dimensional plat form game in the respect that the character walks in an attempt to get to the other side of the screen.


04 Apr 2014

Swordigo game review

Swordigo is a superb platform game controlled by across scrolling commands with very simple RPG aspects. This is the first game released since Soosiz and the developers include similar aspects that made the earlier game so popular.

The buttons are very receptive and of a pleasing measurement which can also be repositioned. This came as a shock when taking into account the fact that there are three activity buttons already on the right hand side of the screen.

Robbery Bob game review

Robbery Bob is a fantastic new release from the well known game makers Level Eight. This is an extremely good game with a high entertainment value and bright vibrant illustrations. 

As the player you control a character named Bob who is a corrupt man. He has just escaped from prison via the help of a secret mobster. The secret mobster asks Bob for compensation in return for helping him to escape from prison.

Dreamworks Dragons TapDragonDrop game review

This game is a puzzler which features characters from a well known film. Unfortunately the information provided about this games content is not exactly true and differs a lot from what actually takes place.

The description states that severe weather has destroyed a Viking hamlet, but in fact the game is all about a statue which has been misplaced and upon landing caused a devastating blast which scared the farm animals causing them to run off into the wild.

Lost Winds 2 Winters of the Melodias game review

This is the second game in the series and as in the first you play as a wind spirit called Enril and a young boy called Toku. You mum vanished whilst on a journey and your mission is rescue her.

As you begin to play you will soon discover that there are evil spirits which are against you and you must use your abilities to stop them doing so. In this particular game you have complete command over the seasons and can use this to your advantage against the evil spirits.

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