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23 May 2014

Wordistic game review

Wordistic is a game produced by a game producer Mush Dev Studio.

It is a one of a kind word game featuring superb sound in the background. If you are looking for a superb word game to keep you engaged all through the game, there is no better option than Wordistic. More so, this game can help you not only to make words but also to learn words.


22 Apr 2014

Wordistic game review

Wordistic is the game which is very different from any other word game I have ever played before.

Unlike other text game, you have to chase the time and find the texts to score more points and of course to move to the next level. The game is starting with the original track of the Atlas and thus begins the game.

This to That game review

A few days back, I tumbled across this super exciting game which has gripped me in its magic and made me get addicted to it. Can you guess that game?

It’s a word puzzle game which may sound similar to the thousands of other word puzzle games but is in fact very different and challenging game.


15 Nov 2013

Burble game review

Some of the most famous games to ever hit markets are word games.

Even after the year's scramble is considered a legend and I am always interested to play new word games. Thus I came across the game called Burble which is designed for iPhone users. It can typically be used with all Apple company products. Do you want to play a fun and easy going word game which can help relieve tension?

Freeze It

08 Nov 2013

Freeze It game review

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, but do not have the ‘Freeze it” on your device, then you are sadly missing out. ‘Freeze It’ is a fun-filled game that infuses in it the spirit of learning.

The Freeze It app was developed by Noiz Studios. The App was launched for free on October 28, 2013. The version available currently is the first of its kind. This version, v1. 0, is available for usage at present.


04 Sep 2013

PipeWords game review

Are you a fan of word games?

You just cannot bear being challenged by words. All you want to do is to flaunt your excellent vocabulary and word power. If you are a person of such type, there is one game that you must try. Can you guess the name of this amazing and one-of-its kind game? It’s PipeWords.

Spell Collapse game review

Do you want to try a different game? How about trying a word game? We, the iPhone users, have always been very keen to try out new and different kind of games.

Obviously, we all are fed up of the games like running, strategy etc and all we need at such a time is a new gaming concept. Well, word games aren’t new but Spell Collapse would provide you an extremely different experience, thereby fulfilling your thirst for something new and exciting.


14 May 2013

Lexigo game review

Lexigo is a head-to-head word game for iOS and Android made by Canadian developer Wiggles 3D Games.

It is a competitive word puzzle game where players compete to lay down the longest words they can. A player wins by laying down all of the tiles from their bank of letters.

Jackpot Words game review

Jackpot Words a unique blend of a classic word game and a slot machine.

Your goal is to create as many words as possible in 5 minutes. Each letter is associated with a symbol from a slot machine. Get three cherries and win extra coins. Get four diamonds and you hit the jackpot! Every time you start a new game, a random board is created.


16 Sep 2013

nummi game review

Nummi is the latest release by the developers 9 to 5.

Nummi is a puzzle game and if you are a fan of anything that requires strategic thinking then this is the app for you. The app is based around numbers and really does require you to use your brain.

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