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Tank Riders 2

26 Jan 2014

Tank Riders game review

Polarbit Games’ Tank Riders is a good old fashioned top-down tank shoot ‘em up with a dash of strategy to keep it interesting.You won’t be zipping around in a souped-up sports car, though.

As you may have gathered from the title, you’re in a tank, trundling around blowing up other tanks. Simple, eh? Your tank may lumber, but you can move around the maps in each level by using special teleporters.

With each new level come new enemies and collectible items.

To level up in Tank Riders, you have to navigate your tank from the start to the yellow and black striped end zone. As you no doubt expect, there are numerous obstacles and enemies to overcome and puzzles to solve before you get there.

Tank Riders::by Polarbit Tank Riders::by Polarbit Tank Riders::by Polarbit Tank Riders::by Polarbit

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There are health bonuses and coins hidden in blocks and crates throughout the game. The coins contribute to your score, which is added up at the end of each level. The game uses the three-star rating system which means your best performances get you top marks.

You’ll also come across different weapons during your quest, which will make life easier. You can upgrade your cannon to a missile-launcher with a wider blast radius that takes out several enemy tanks in one go.

Unfortunately, your enemies also have missile launchers and aren’t afraid to use them. Basically, Tank Riders is a straightforward 3D tank driving shooter game. You’ll get through 25 or so vibrant levels, including five preliminary tutorial rounds, and the goal in each level is the same – to get to the other end of the map or bagging collectibles to make it to the next level. As you complete each level, you’re scored in a number of categories, like speed and health, and placed in a rank according to a three-star system.

Your tank is armed with some powerful weapons, thankfully. You’ll start off with a gun that can fire three shots in rapid succession, and you’ll find regular icons for upgrades through the levels. Some of the upgrades are missiles that can destroy targets in one blast, as well as mortar guns and shells. Annoyingly, these upgrades don’t level up with you, so you start each new venture with just a gun and your wits. If you do keep your wits about you you’ll find that you can do trick shots like bouncing shots of walls and around corners to hit lurking enemies. Beware, though, as so can they.

Your enemies have tanks that are equipped with different weapons, and you should also look out for destructible walls that you can blast away to reveal coins (to boost scores) or hearts (for health).

The game has brilliant graphics – very sharp and colourful, and the designers have built in some great shadows. It’s also very smooth-running, with engaging sound effects. In general, it’s a fun, satisfying game. It can be challenging, but Tank Riders has enough about it to keep you trying.

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