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Temple Run

17 Nov 2013

Temple Run game review

In Temple Runner, you play an Indiana Jones style explorer who is being chased through a temple by demon guardians. You’re always moving forward, and you have to guide him around the treacherous temple paths.

You’ve just “claimed” an ancient idol, and the guardians wake up and try to eat you, which is why you’re running. You’ll traverse the ruins of ancient temples, jump over burning statues and dive under the roots of huge trees.

A single big slip-up can mean game over, but several smaller mistakes can see you losing ground to your enemies. The game is basically one long chase scene that would grace any Indiana Jones film, but that often ends up with a gruesome death.

Temple Run::by Imangi Studios Temple Run::by Imangi Studios Temple Run::by Imangi Studios Temple Run::by Imangi Studios Temple Run::by Imangi Studios

Temple Run screenshots

You use the touchscreen to control your hero. You flick left and right and just the right time to turn a sharp corner, flick up to jump obstacles and flick downwards to slide under them. You can also tilt your phone to slide left or right along the paths. If you don’t react to upcoming problems quickly enough, you’ve had it, and you’ll end up in a fire trap or knocked out by a tree branch. If this happens, the demons will be upon you and it’s all over.

It’s not just about running forwards, though, as Temple Runner does have some depth to it. You get to collect coins along the way, which you can use to buy power-ups. You can also unlock a good number of power-ups, including an invisibility option, and one that makes you magnetic, pulling coins towards you as you dash around. The game also gives you various objectives throughout, which adds a bit more interest to proceedings.

After you die – and die you will – you get rated and you get to keep the coins you’ve found. You then use these coins on upgrades, but you’re not upgrading your character, you’re upgrading (or increasing) the chances of boosts and power-ups appearing randomly as you run. So, you get things like coin bonuses, invisibility, magnetism and randomly appearing spirit bridges popping up all over the show. All these help you to run further, but the best power-up is the resurrection upgrade.

Temple Run is a fast-paced, fun game that requires quick reflexes and good co-ordination. The 3D graphics give you an arcade feel, and are also very realistic. This game is very addictive and will have you going for hours. You also have the choice of seven different characters and lots of different power-ups, which adds to the variety and excitement, and you’ll always be trying to beat your last run.

For just a dollar, you’re getting a unique, well thought out and good quality running game. I recommend it.

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