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Tennis Scout PRO Score Keeper

21 Jun 2014

Tennis Scour Pro game review

People who love tennis have now found a great new way to even dig deeper with their passion even when they are not out there hitting it on the court.

Well with technology today, you actually could escape the outdoors and play with just about any physical sport you like simply on your phone! You don’t even have to use such wide monitor screens to enjoy it. Just your fingers will do and you can still have fun. Now for tennis lovers, here is an app that is new and out in the app market.

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Today’s app review is about Tennis Scour PRO, which is a gaming app for tennis enthusiasts. The first time I saw the app, the truth is the design needs a lot of work. The navigation is easy in the end but its form looks difficult. I had a hard time navigating it the first time! And the first time is really crucial by the way. If the client no longer finds it amusing on their first try, you can expect that they won’t purchase it.

Design wise, it still needs a lot of work as well. I can still see the improvements that can be worked around the established idea. The colors could be more vibrant because that really is what usually attracts the gamers especially if you will be playing it from a small gadget. I won’t say the app is bad at all because it definitely has a lot of potential. Just tweak those parts and it could probably a hit for tennis gamers.

I like how organized the scoring and the data is with this app. Like you can literally see the review of the previous games played on your phone from this app. It is well organized that you won’t get confused who is winning and who actually scored a lot even in the past. It’s a good way to keep records of scores especially if you are playing with different players online. That is actually the fun part of this app. The tracking is so much easy with the system the creators provided for it. It is not going to be confusing on that department.

I hope this app review has helped you a lot in deciding whether to download this or not. Like I have mentioned earlier, it’s not that bad at all but I’m guessing it’s still in beta form and that’s why it is not THAT looking pro just yet. But maybe if we wait for more updates from their creators, we would definitely see some improvements just like from other apps. Stay tuned for more app reviews via this website as we give unbiased views about the latest apps that are out there before you grab them. We will keep you updated for sure!


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