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Territory Wars

24 Feb 2014

Territory Wars game review

Do you want to enjoy an awesome multiplayer strategy game? A game where only three things matter:  tactics, strategy and the kind of risks you’re ready to take in order to accomplish your objective.

Territory Wars is one of my most favorite games these days. Easily available on the app store and compatible with all kinds of Android devices, the game has received a lot of positive reviews and appreciation.

The reason behind that is obviously the good quality of this game.

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Territory Wars screenshots

Territory Wars is a turn based game where you can play either against your friends or some random opponent from any part of the world. There are different modes like Capital Mode, Boosted Tiles, Fog of War which you can alter easily and enjoy.

According to me, each mode in the game makes you feel like you’re playing a whole different game for each of them requires different tactics. The strategy also needs to be changed in order to accomplish the targets. Isn’t that good?

You can also play against more than one opponent. The game starts with one green tile. You would be required to use the troops so as to attack the neighbor tiles. The success of the attack is randomly calculated, but it also depends upon the number.

For example a 1vs1 game would have a success rate of 45%. You need to calculate the kind of risk you’re ready to take for it depends upon that whether you would achieve success in the particular attack or not. A good strategy is very much necessary.

The Territory Wars aren’t like those simple games which require you to tap on 2-3 places in order to accomplish the target. You need to analyze what’s your target and strategize your move before getting yourself into action. You’re allowed seventy two hours between each turn in the game.

This is pretty much convenient for you can play this game at short intervals for a short time. The full online feature of this game is an add on which would be loved by almost everyone.

You can move and attack as many times as you like in each turn. That is limited just by the number of troops. The main objective is to conquer all the tiles of the opponent.
In order to get access to all the features and modes in the game along with an ad free gaming experience, one must try out the premium version of the game.

The game might sound a bit boring from the description, but that is something which Territory Wars is certainly isn’t. Once you start playing this game, you will keep thinking about the new strategies and risks you want to take in order to take down your opponent. Also, due to the fully online feature of the game, you can actually play with a person residing in some other country or region at the same real time. Isn’t that amazing?

I have loved this game a lot. It’s a super amazing strategy game which everyone must try. 

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