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The King of Fighters

23 Jan 2014

The King of Fighters game review

The King of Fighters-i is very similar to Street Fighter, especially the virtual control pad that you can place on your screen according to your tastes and needs. However, The King of Fighters-i actually beats Street Fighter hands down.

The controls in TKoF-i are superior and feel much more responsive. You have a punch and a kick button, an evading button and an all-purpose “special moves” button.

There’s also a button for a hyper-state that you enter when one of your special meters is at 100%. These meters allow you to perform super and EX moves. If this seems confusing here, don’t worry, because the game features a detailed tutorial so that you can hit the ground running....or kicking....or punching.

The King of Fighters::by SNK PLAYMORE The King of Fighters::by SNK PLAYMORE The King of Fighters::by SNK PLAYMORE The King of Fighters::by SNK PLAYMORE The King of Fighters::by SNK PLAYMORE

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The best thing about the controls is the simplified special moves. This function means that you can execute complex moves with just one action on your touchscreen. When you first start the game you won’t be familiar with each character and their special moves, so the simplified move button means you can just hit their special button and go for it without having to stop to learn your new moves. This means you are more likely to use different and new characters rather than sticking to the ones you’ve learnt by heart.

In terms of graphics, TKoF-i is amazing. It has static backgrounds, which make it similar to Street Fighter IV, but thankfully TKoF-i sports crisper and sharper images that outclass Capcom’s by a mile. What makes the game really stand out are the hand-drawn sprites – they’re animated so well that you’ll feel as if you’re watching a cartoon. It’s these animations that make TKoF-i more like a console game rather than the mobile version.

Once you get going with this game, you’ll find it’s got a lot more depth than you might imagine at first. The evade and special move buttons add a lot of variety, and spice things up nicely when used alongside the regular kick and punch functions.

You’ll also see that matches focus more on looking at each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses, each fighter hoping to have the other at a disadvantage. The action is fast-paced and furious, so be ready to be sitting on the edge of your seat.

The game is a real standout in the fighter genre on the iOS. It’s well constructed and thought out, and features enough variety to keep you coming back time after time.

The first class visuals, easy controls and deep, engaging gameplay mean that TKoF-i is one of the best fighting games for the iPhone right now.

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