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The Lost City

17 Mar 2014

The Lost City game review

The Lost City is a point and click adventure game that strikes like an arrow trough the heart of Myst game lovers.  It is a very engaging game to spend on your iPhone; it contains a few extras that Myst lacked, back in the days.

Making your way through The Lost City is more than simple; it is done with only a fingertip. You are guided to the ruin of an empty city that your grandmother promised it exists, always being one step closer to the truth.

Your inventory smoothly lies in a briefcase in the bottom left corner of the screen, and tapping it pops up all the items you have collected. The item collection is quite simple; it never feels like too much of a pain. The game itself does not bore you with overcomplicated stories; it is a fairly simple game, a fun way to spend your time. 

The Lost City::by Joe Kauffman The Lost City::by Joe Kauffman The Lost City::by Joe Kauffman The Lost City::by Joe Kauffman The Lost City::by Joe Kauffman

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The things you have to do in this game are not too complicated, so you will find your way through pretty easily. Another good news about the game is the map, each game you encounter is featured by a numbered panel, if you tap the map screen, which you can drag around with your fingertip, this way getting a view of the whole area. You also have a journal which contains important notes that you can use in the future .It also contains a hint guide, that you can consult if you need help.

The graphics themselves look quite good; the game has several sets of environment for players to explore.

The Lost City is a vibrant, colorful game that does not limit itself to a dull color palette. Even though there is not much to say for the animation, the detailed lifelike environments accompanied by the soft , relaxing music make it very smooth and effortless to go through the game in one sitting. 

The Lost city will not take too much time to complete for experienced players, 2 hours the most. If it were any longer than it is, The Lost city would begin to feel a bit of drag.

The graphics and animation are very good looking, really nicely made with high quality effects. A very hands-on game, with just enough excitement to keep experienced players from getting bored. Rookies will find themselves addicted to this mystery, not wanting for the game to end. Whoever was fond of the adventurous world of the Myst, is going to adore The Lost City, for its own magical world.

You will find yourselves trying to slow down the pace and just enjoy this mysterious atmosphere of the game, not wanting the game to be over. The game is designed for people who go all the way for an adventure; at any rate it is hard not to enjoy yourself in this mystical world.

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