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The Walking Dead Game

22 Jul 2016

The Walking Dead Game

Scopelys stab at the zombie apocalypse series is, at its premise, a superb story-driven strategy game with an interlaced base-building component. With a brand-new story, written by series co-writer Jay Bonansinga, that further explores the dark and violent world of The Walking Dead, Road to Survival provides a surprisingly deep and gripping experience comparable to its Telltale Games brethren.


The Walking Dead Game ::By Scopely - Switch Color - 4 Pics 1 Word The Walking Dead Game ::By Scopely - Switch Color - 4 Pics 1 Word The Walking Dead Game ::By Scopely - Switch Color - 4 Pics 1 Word The Walking Dead Game ::By Scopely - Switch Color - 4 Pics 1 Word

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The combat plays out as turn-based battles between your survivors against zombies (called “Walkers”) and other desperate human survivors scavenging the world. You’ll command your survivors in skirmishes, carefully deciding between pitching your melee or ranged-based fighters against appropriate targets, with a rock-paper-scissors mechanic dictating which character traits receives tactical advantages and disadvantages. Every character has unique strengths and special abilities that can be utilized, as well as weaknesses that can be exploited by enemies.

As you progress, you’ll be able to recruit new members into your crew. While there’s a cast of new survivors to choose from, you’ll run into familiar faces from the TV series and even from other Walking Dead games. An RPG progression system allows you to upgrade and customize your survivors as they survive through battles, increasing their strength and weapons prowess.

The turn-based combat and RPG element are supported by a fittingly appropriate strategic base-building segment of the game. As you take in more survivors, you’ll be tasked to expand your home base, building and upgrading a variety of buildings to further enlarge and train your community. Resources, such as canned goods and wood, can be collected to grow your town, with the premium currency of gold being able to speed up developments or provide other assorted benefits.

However, true to its source material, Road to Survival’s main strength and unique selling pointlies in its engrossing story. You’ll oftenbe presented with difficult story decisions to make where the ramifications are not always immediately clear. Accomplished through a dialogue system of multiple choice prompts, your moral choices carry meaningful weight that, in addition to giving you significant control over the direction that the story heads towards, also directly affects your in-game situation as well.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the series or a chirruping newcomer looking for an exemplary mobile game fix, Road to Survival stands on its own right as one of the finest strategy RPG games you can find in the Google Play in App Store. Download The Walking Dead Game, play it, and enjoy it!


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