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Thelidia Asteroid Attack II Featured

09 Feb 2015

Thelidia Asteroid Attack II

The Thelidia Asteroid Attack II is a fee online game developed by Thelidia. The Asteroid is a label of Atari. This is the most preferred fee game, which is available on Google Play in Android Apps section.

This game is very simple and easy to play from kids to adult persons. The theme of this game is space survival. This is a though mission to enter in to an unknown galaxy by a gamer. Here, one has to cross the space hurdles, which come in the direct way towards the gamers space shuttle.


Thelidia Asteroid Attack II::By Thelidia Thelidia Asteroid Attack II::By Thelidia Thelidia Asteroid Attack II::By Thelidia Thelidia Asteroid Attack II::By Thelidia Thelidia Asteroid Attack II::By Thelidia

Thelidia Asteroid Attack II Screenshots

Other than asteroid attacks there are a few other space probes that enter the screen from the opposite direction. When a gamer shoots them, they do bounce and chances are there to hit the gamers space shuttle when he shoots multiple asteroids. This is a very interesting game to play with amazing visual graphics and sound effects.

Main Features of Thelidia Asteroid Attack II Game Theme – Space Attack Playing Option – Single and Multiple Gamers Score Board – Online updates are there to see who is on the top score. The score loop is available to closed group within your team members. The score can also be shared on leading social media network sites to tease and have fun with score level achievements.

The score loop is a global score chart specially designed for the gaming enthusiasts. Playing Style - shoot'em up Mission – There are 50 interesting missions to play by a gamer.

Game Levels – There are three levels like Novice, Beginners and Advanced. Energy Level – The way you shoot an asteroid your ammunition will come down. However the level you cross by escaping the asteroid clash, it will save energy. The energy level is also boost up when you are progressing towards next level. Saving energy level and ammunition is a smart way to proceed and reach higher levels in the game. Trouble Shooting and Support – They provide full online support in case of any problems with the game. Availability - It is an online free game and is available in major mobile stores. Tips to Win – Try to avoid maximum asteroid attack on your space shuttle coming from the opposite direction.

Move and adjust as far as possible to gain energy. Shoot when ever required. Be careful with bounces while shooting. Technical Features of Thelidia Asteroid Attack II Operating System: It runs on all mobile devices installed with the Android. Game Calibration - Android Gyroscope is the easy and simple way to move the space shuttle by just tilting the device by your hand.

The gun shooting from the gamer’s shuttle is through with just tapping on the screen. Nextpeer: The saving of your game is the best option to play in future by a gamer. This is also very beneficial from the nextpeer available in Android support specially meant for gaming purpose. This platform supports the entire multiplayer cross platform. This enables a gamer to share the scoreboard globally that is playing this game to set their top score as unbeatable.


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