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Train Conductor 2 USA

03 Feb 2014

Train Conductor 2 USA game review

Train Conductor 2 sounds simple, with a very basic objective – to get a number of trains from one side of the screen to the other. The game revisits the path drawing genre which had you connecting train tracks to get trains home safely.

The trains start from both the left side of the screen and the right, and you have to lay down the tracks in order for them to reach their destinations safely without any collisions.

This all sounds easier than it is, however, as you have to juggle several trains and tracks all at once. 

The original Train Conductor game was set in Australia, but Train Conductor 2 will have you going off the rails (sorry) in various locations in the USA. You can lay down tracks in Miami’s Metro system, New York’s subways and set steam trains chugging over the Grand Canyon.

Train Conductor 2 USA::by The Voxel Agents Train Conductor 2 USA::by The Voxel Agents Train Conductor 2 USA::by The Voxel Agents Train Conductor 2 USA::by The Voxel Agents Train Conductor 2 USA::by The Voxel Agents

Train Conductor 2 USA screenshots

Train Conductor 2 has one added benefit over other line-drawing games in that you can stop one of your trains with just one tap. This means you can make way for any oncoming trains, although the stopped train may end up getting shunted from behind instead, so choose this move wisely.

You’ll be drawn to this game again and again. Its simplicity – you just draw lines between horizontal tracks to lead moving trains in the right direction. Co-ordinating all the trains demands a lot of attention and quick thinking, which is what makes it so addictive.

To make things even more interesting, each level has its own particular rules and quirks. There’s a ghost level in Nashville in which trains can pass straight through one another, and in the Grand Canyon there’s a bit that reduces your reaction time by taking out the middle of the track. If you get this wrong, you don’t merely end up at the wrong station, you train plummets to its doom and you have to start over.

The game is fun to look at as well, with detailed backgrounds and finely crafted trains. The animation is of very high quality too, which makes laying tracks very pleasing. The exhaust plumes from the trains are also very realistic, and the game benefits from different and engaging soundtracks throughout the different levels.

The class and thought that’s gone into  Train Conductor 2 is immediately obvious in every part. It has clean, bright graphics, and the artwork of the 2D backgrounds blending well with the 3D tracks and trains. In terms of the soundtracks – the music is of high quality and won’t become irritating in a hurry, which is unusual in itself. There’s a different track for each level, which keeps things fairly fresh.

Train Conductor 2 is simple to start off with, but to really master it is no mean feat. You’ll need to start off with the tutorials offered for each new mode, and there’s a train yard always open for you to practice in before hitting the real game. Beginners will pick up the basics in no time at all, but once you progress, you’ll be able to speed up the game to suit your ever-sharpening multitasking and time management abilities.

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