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11 Sep 2013

Unolingo game review

Unolingo is an exciting new spin on the well-worn crossword puzzle genre that will have players addicted within minutes.

In Unolingo, you are presented with what appears to be a classic style crossword puzzle. In usual crossword puzzle fashion, some of the letters will already be filled in, while others will be awaiting you to fill them in.

However, that's where the similarities end and this game's brilliant innovations begin. See, in Unolingo, there are exactly 26 letters in each puzzle remaining to be filled in- one for every letter of the alphabet.

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On the bottom of your screen, below the puzzle itself, you will see the alphabet laid out in good-sized squares that are easy to tap quickly with your finger. Some of the letters will be grayed out, indicating that they have already been used.

Others will be lit up until you use them in the puzzle, when they will also become grayed out. Each letter of the alphabet will be used only once by you in the puzzle. Therefore, without the usual clues that crossword puzzles have, you will just be using your own logic skills to decide where the letters will need to go to make actual words.

There are multiple possibilities, but trial and error is easy, as to remove a letter, you can simply tap a square to remove the letter from it. Otherwise, you can tap an empty square, then an unused letter to put that letter in the square.

The game is intuitive and easy to play. If you get stuck on one of the harder puzzles, you can press the “Hint” button. Furthermore, you can use the “Audit” feature to tell you if you're on the right track.

When you do, it will turn all of the correctly-placed letters in the puzzle green, while making the incorrectly-placed letters (if any) red. This feature adds 60 seconds to your time, which gives you a real decision on whether to use it or not and adds to the strategy of the game.

The game features four difficulty levels to choose from, and new puzzles are added regularly to download. If you post your score to Facebook, you will automatically earn a free level, as well. When you get done, you can compare your scores to others around the world, if you choose to.

Furthermore, the Tips and FAQ sections are there to help you improve you abilities at playing Unolingo, so you can enjoy the game even more. Unolingo takes a classic puzzle type and adds a really fun twist to make an all new, extremely addictive game that is perfect for playing in small chunks of time while you're on the go.

Unolingo is very easy to learn, but can be very challenging at the hardest levels for those who really like to work their brains playing word and puzzle games. At the same time, the easier levels are relaxing and can be a nice way to de-stress after a long day.

This game is highly recommended, no matter what your history with crossword puzzles is.

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